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Bestseller Novels Of The Past Three Decades A Review

Updated on January 21, 2012
My Bestseller Novels
My Bestseller Novels

My Bestseller Novels

Firstly, let me make things clear here that some of the novels I am about to review in this hub may not be an official bestseller, but they worth being a bestseller in my own opinion. In carrying out this legendary novels’ review, I will adhere to a rule. And what could that rule be? I am not going to talk about any novel I haven’t read from the start to finish, that is the rule.

Once again, let me inform you that this article was not meant to be published in the first place, because it was originally written for my person use and fun, and out of an involuntary passion for the numerous uncountable novels I had read since childhood, but something told me to publish it so that others can as well enjoy some of these heartwarming novels of the past decades. Remember, whenever I’m not writing, I am obviously reading, and I would love to encourage every aspiring novelist to do same. Haven made things clear; I would like to invite you to accompany me as I unveil some of the bestseller novels of the last three decades, starting with?

Bestseller Romance Thrillers
Bestseller Romance Thrillers

Every Single Lady Must Get A Copy of This Novel

Beware of Married Men

'Beware of Married Men' was first published in hardcover in 1986 by Mills & Boon Limited. In this Harlequin romance thriller by Elizabeth Oldfield; Jorja Reynolds liked her boss, Daniel Lecomber, the son and heir to Mr. Lecomber, owner of Lecomber Real-estate firm, and she also adored Dan’s little boy Toby.

Dan is married but lonely, and falls in love with Jorja, his personal assistant. Jorja is panicked for the fact that Dan is married. She had been played before by a married man she met while working in Australia, and wouldn’t want to experience a second heart break by another married man, and yet, she is involuntarily falling for this prince charming. Jorja secretly quits her job with Lecomber real-estate firm, in an effort to escape from Dan; will that stop the fact that she has secretly falling for Dan? Elizabeth Oldfield answered that question in this romance thriller.

Watch out how Jorja managed to infiltrate Daniel Lecomber’s lonely heart and made him go after her…the chase, the romantic business adventure, the unending romance, and the struggles to end a loveless marriage, is what makes this novel a thriller that everyone wouldn’t afford to miss.

You Need To Read This Novel

Smart Women-

‘Smart Women’ was written by a bestselling Author of ‘Summer Sisters’, Judy Blume, and published by arrangement with G. P. Putnam’s Sons in 1983, and first printed by Pocket Books, a division of Simon & Schuster Inc., in 1985. ‘Smart Women,’ was for more than four months, New York Times bestseller novel.

B.B., Margo and Clare, are friends by fate- fate of searching for a new life after divorce. Margo unknowingly falls in love with B.B.’s ex husband, Andrew. B.B. is to be blamed as well as Margo for allowing Margo to assist her in arranging for an apartment for Andrew who’s coming over to Boulder, Colorado to spend his free time with his daughter, Sara.

When Andrew’s rent expires, he moves in with Margo and her children- Michelle and Stuart, Michelle is opposed to this at first, but Margo wouldn’t allow her to ruin her chance of experiencing love again after her divorce with Michelle’s daddy. Sara on the other hand, doesn’t want anything that would separate her from her daddy, or to ruin the special time she plans to spend with daddy, and so was unhappy when she discovered that daddy and Margo are doing it. She tells mummy, and mummy is enraged that ordinary Margo could impress her ex.

B.B. cannot afford to lose her only treasure, Sara, and so tries to stop her from visiting Andrew ever since he moved in with Margo and family, but Sara wants to spend time with her daddy, despite mummy’s stand on this.

The emotion of watching her ex love a woman she knew very well that she’s below her standard in all measures, and the fear of losing her only joy, Sara, coupled with her mother’s sudden illness, weighs down on B.B., and she develops a mental breakdown. Will Andrew ever come back to her? Find out in this heartwarming romance story titled, ‘Smart Women’.

Please bear with me for stopping here for now, meanwhile, watch out for the next series of; best seller novels of the past decades, it’s going to be hot, thrilling, romantic, entertaining, enlightening, choking, mind-blowing, and most importantly, fun! In order words, you should be expecting- wars, crimes, love at its extreme, horror, and of course sex! Yes you heard me well, SEX! Thank you for making out time to read, and please, do drop your comment, suggestion, contribution or addition, they are all gladly welcomed.

Like Water for Chocolate-

‘Like Water for Chocolate’ was a national bestseller, and was first published in hardcover by Doubleday, a division of Bantam Doubleday Dell Publishing Group, Inc., in 1992, and written by Laura Esquivel. You wouldn’t believe that this exuberant, heartwarming, culture-driven romance thriller was Laura Esquivel’s first novel. ‘Like Water for Chocolate’ is a very simple novel drawn from love, sex, war, parental influence, and of course the power of cooking delicious Mexican meals.

Tita and Pedro fell in love as teenagers, but Mama Elena wouldn’t allow this heavenly made love to happen, why? Ask Laura Esquivel, who unveiled the Mexican history as it belonged to women even before the civil war. Tita’s cooking ingenuity is something to worry about in this story, and the way mothers make preference for some of their offspring is another issue of pang. Pedro is lured into marrying Rosaura, Tita’s elder sister, and Getrudis her second sister bemoaned this and eloped with Juan Alejandrez, an unknown military captain. Rosaura and Pedro gives birth to a child, Tita transfers her love for Pedro to the little baby, and when Rosaura runs out of breast milk, Tita feeds little Pedro with her own breast milk, even though she wasn’t a nursing mother.

Mama Elena knew it was romantically unsafe for Pedro, Tita and Rosaura to live under the same roof, so she moved Pedro and Rosaura away from the family house, hence, the baby and Pedro were taken away from Tita. Will Tita’s life ever remain the same? This I believe can be found in ‘Like water for chocolate’.

Just as it was said in the beginning that their love was meant to be, Pedro and Tita came together again in an aura of pain, romance, passion, desire, urge, and thirst to explore their long sexual deprivation, and Pedro was dead.


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