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Betcha can't write a story about ten random things

Updated on January 18, 2012

Lovely graceful Sea Creature

Looks strangely like fallopian tubes
Looks strangely like fallopian tubes | Source

A dare

My freinds listed ten random things, and I wrote them into a story. Here is the list, and the rather humorous result.

10 Things

Dingle berries, Yucca Plant, school uniforms, fallopian tubes, pigs, sea creatures; lovely graceful ones, eyelash curler, broadway, magic mushrooms, the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles

Once upon a time there were seven young pigs that attended a very strict catholic school. This was terribly frustrating as the nuns required the pigs to wear school uniforms and make regular trips to the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles, so as to fully appreciate the application of rules in a bureaucracy. They dreamed of escaping this humdrum life, and looked for a source of magic to lead them. Now, you may be shocked at this, as surely seven young catholic pigs would not consider dabbling in witchcraft, but such stifling oppression, most often leads to rebellion. It could have been worse. They could have been whoring it up, and one only needs so many piglets with teen moms.

The seven piglets marched into the forest of magic mushrooms, and sought out the famous mystic, Androgyna. Once they located him/her, seated upon a hill of Yucca Plants, they began the long and arduous task of climbing the hill. The Yucca plants were a bit poky, so Britni, the most scandalous of the seven, took out her eyelash curler and carefully curled each one upward. This made the hill quite fetching, and easier to tramp up.

They approached Androgyna very slowly, they weren't quite sure how to address the mystic, and decided that Circe, the eldest, should be their speaker. "Good day, oh powerful one, " she began, "we come to you seeking guidance, for our lives have become stifling, and we crave change." Androgyna listened intently and said. "I can give you the change you seek, but I require payment. You must perform a song for me, and it must be something catchy from the 90s."

This took the pigs by surprise, but having spent countless hours in their dormitory doing just this, they burst into a well coordinated favorite, Broadway, by the Goo Goo Dolls. Androgyna was extremely pleased, and did a strange dance while the pigs performed, and the Yucca Plants swayed like stoners at a Bob Marley show.

"Take these seven dingle berries," said Androgyna, "by the light of the next full moon, you must spin around 3 times, cough twice, and each swallow one whole. You will then be changed forever."

The pigs were so excited! They waited patiently for the full moon. They blew off most of their homework, and gave the nuns all manner of fits, because they knew they would be done with Catholic school soon enough. The nuns were troubled, but not terribly surprised. Pigs, while intelligent, are not known for their good manners.

Finally, the full moon came, each pig turned three times. coughed thrice (except Circe, who did it twice. She was the best listener), and swallowed a dingle berry. Each pig felt a strange tingling, as if their limbs had become jelly. They felt the air leave them, and could not breathe. They felt so thirsty! Overcome by this need, six leaped into the pond and found relief. Circe, who had now turned into a beautiful maiden, with magical powers of her own, looked down upon her sisters. They had become sea creatures, lovely graceful ones. (they looked strangely like fallopian tubes) She stepped into the pond to greet them and found they did not know her. She cried into the pond, and as her tears touched the water, it became saltwater, and her sisters were glad, though they did not understand why. They were changed forever. Circe felt a great sorrow for her sisters, but joy for herself. She left this land to find a new place of her own, and cursed the time when she and they were pigs, vowing never to forget.

She found an island of her own, and one day, some men arrived, and she turned them into her own cursed memory. But that of course, is another story.


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    • hecate-horus profile image

      hecate-horus 5 years ago from Rowland Woods

      Very interesting story! Good job!