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Betrayal Knows My Name

Updated on June 29, 2013

Past and Sadness, an OST that is simple yet worth a 1000 words.

Hitomi San, the fallen dark angel
Hitomi San, the fallen dark angel | Source
Inori chan
Inori chan | Source
Watch their sacrifices fade
Watch their sacrifices fade
Watch them fall, like tainted glass
Watch them fall, like tainted glass
They remain forgotten memories, ALAS
They remain forgotten memories, ALAS

Please listen to the song linked above. This piece was inspired by the anime (裏切りは僕の名前を知っている, Uragiri wa Boku no Namae wo Shitteiru) and the track is composed b

Betrayal Knows My Name:

He looks at the distant past that was masked with an immense amount of sadness and grief. Sitting on his river bank of desolation he wonders about all the possibilities had he not lost to HIM; had he succeeded in his revolution against his heavenly iron fist.

All the probability scenarios play in his head. He would have had “HER” in his arms had he not failed. He remembers her radiant smile as she rode to battle along his side. She was his second in command on the battlefield, yet , when the night claimed its right and smothered the battlefields with the screeches of the lost and damned, she was always in his arms to silent those intruding perfidious thoughts.

Tonight, on a sad night like this, he sat at the river bank alone, listening to the screeches of those who were cast out, those “fallen” who dared to stand against HIS will. Yet, this night was like no other, it was cold, distant, and tremendously hard to bear for his only muse and shield in such darkness is no more than a cold memory that has left the golden cage he has created for her within his soul.

Filled with desolation, he extends his broken wings taking a look at the feathers he has lost. Dark, thick, charcoal black, they stand as evidence of his treacherous act. Two horns deem him a FALLEN till the end of time.

He extends his shaky hand to touch the water’s surface. Tainted with the blood of his comrades, it seeps into his skin. One memory after another rape his sanity, “Watch them fall like tainted glass, and witness their demise” laughs a voice from the guilty dark sky above.

He is presented by the death of his 12 comrades and their legion one after another. HIS wrath has befallen them; he, could not undo the loss and tragedy that has condemned them. It was an un-honorable death, lacking is swiftness, mercy, and grace. It was after all HIS punishment bestowed upon them.

In his powerless state, he retracts his hand from the river of blood that flows close to his reach, and gasps for air. His wings, he watches, as their feathers scatter one by one into the cold cryptic night. All that remains is the bones that used to hold them together. The black feathers turn to dust as a piece of wool soaked in wine would and the wind scatters them leaving no trace of his past glory or existence.

He winces to the thought that their sacrifices were in vain. His comrades, those who nourished him with courage and hope for freedom; those who extended their wings against HIS treacherous wind that robbed them of everything they held dear, that treacherous wind of HIS that carried his throne on top of all creation. He felt that he has betrayed his cause and comrades, and wasted their lives for nothing.

He knew that their faces and names would haunt him for eternity. Yet, he knew that HE would not allow him to exist so easily. HIS punishment and wrath are to be feared. He has known that, seen that befall other nations, other people, other divine creatures, but he thought he could outsmart HIM.

How foolish of him was it to think that he could outrun destiny, change what has been dictated ages ago before life was breathed into him. How despicable of him, was the act of revolting against fate, against the minor corner that was assigned to him in this vast universe. It was more like ironic that he had thought that he could break free, break free from the chains that were born with his first breath and cry into the world. Indeed, he had overstepped his boundaries when he thought that he could bend time and alter his path that foresaw nothing but demise. Now, in his current state, he was ordered to sit sinking in the river of his comrades’ blood and witness his demise through theirs.

He knew that when he aimed to revolt against fate that he gave up the name HE gave him and undertook betrayal as his own. Yet, he never knew that being nameless on his deathbed would shatter the remaining splinters of his glassy soul that much. He was crowned the nameless, and used by HIM to set an example for others of his kind, and to shatter over and over again throughout eternity.

And so the lullaby from heaven sung by no one but her grace Lalla at HIS throne’s side resonates throughout time, speaking of a creature that raised war against HIM, shedding his god given name to undertake “Betrayal” as his own.

The Lullaby

“In the valley of the damned, he was crowned

And by his betrayal he was possessed and owned

He has stood tall only to find himself crawling

And with every tear he shed, he was sent yelping

His fate promised nothing but scorn

For in the hands of fate he was, a disposable pawn

And he was weighed, measured, & found lacking

Like an injured animal he shouted to the sky questioning

Yet, he who has found solitude in distress

Had nothing to lose for he had no need to suppress,

His desire to fade from the memories of civilization

He found an end through self-inflicted mutilation

For he was a speck of dust with no past no glory of his own

And he was stained, in death never moaned

As he desired to fade from the memories of humanity

He found no life in death's unjust acts of brutality

And even in death he was covered with shame’s black fabric

For he was not granted victory that was presumed to be pyrrhic


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