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Better a Global Vision

Updated on April 6, 2018

20 Years Earlier

It was the last day of enrollment at University and I had to include one more course, it was up to me to decide which one. At that time, one had to select the courses in a certain time of enrollment and the order of enrollment was assigned based on the grades obtained in the last semester. Of course, my turn was in the last day.

My friends told me that there was a course called "culture" that was new and the teacher who dictated was great. To be honest, I did not have the slightest interest in hearing someone talk about culture, but I had no other way.

The teacher the preacher

"Let’s see students, do you know the history of the beginning of the world? God created the world and, at the beginning, all human beings were deprived of the sense of sight. They had eyes but they did not know how to use them. They had developed extraordinary abilities if you consider they were people who did not use the sense of sight. There were old men who were wise and taught the younger ones. The wise could distinguish if the young people paid attention to them, could distinguish each sound, could indicate the time of day by the way they felt the sun on their skin. They could do everything, except see. "

"Every wise old man was an expert in a certain field of knowledge. Some were farmers, others were economists. Storytellers as well. And there was no old man who was not wise in some subject. "

Crazy about her

The truth is that, on that last day of enrollment, I had seen her again. It was that girl that drove me crazy, with her rosy face and delicate manners. She used to be in a group of friends from here to there, always. From far I could see that she enrolled in the same culture course. She alone, without the group of friends. I did not hesitate to register and here we were, her, not far from me, and I without stopping looking at her out of the corner of my eye, listening to the teacher and his stories.

"Then God sent his son to earth. And he spoke to all men. He could teach them how to use the power of sight. He explained the benefits of not only looking at the horizon, but through that process, imagining the horizon that was not really visible. They only had to approach him and receive his blessing. "

"To the surprise of the son of God, not all men, especially the older ones, wanted that change. They believed that they would stop being wise. And they rejected the blessing. The younger ones did receive it and began to realize that it was better to have a global vision while being experts in a particular subject. "

Finally, I decided to talk to her and the first thing I could say was: "You know what I think? that we are halfway through a great process of change for humanity." She looked at me with a “what’s wrong with this guy” look.


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    • profile image

      Malena 12 days ago

      Amazing, is the way eagles act to ger their objective!

    • CarlosVelarde profile image

      CarlosVelarde 2 weeks ago

      Thank you