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Better Worlds, Cleaner Worlds in the Solar System

Updated on February 7, 2014

Perhaps these Gardens of Eden will have the Draconian laws and law enforcement that will keep them from becoming the cesspool and sewer and toxic waste dump that Earth has become. The laws that Earth lacks because polluters rule here.

There are political realities and I deal with those in some stories I have been writing. The stories are really prequels to an upcoming series called Uranium West.

This is what some people have done to this world.

They won't be happy until all wild animals are dead.
They won't be happy until all wild animals are dead.

The Dust Bowl was the result of bad farming practices.

The land was fine when Native Americans managed it.
The land was fine when Native Americans managed it.

The Series

The series explores how things may be the same in the future. It also explores how things may be different in the future.

The Top Ten Most Interesting Things About Uranium West

1. Except for the lack of plants, Titan looks a lot like Earth. It even has lakes and thick atmosphere. Of course the air is unbreatheable and the lakes are full of toxic chemicals -- exactly like Earth, in China.

2. "Twinkle twinkle little star, how I wonder what you are. Up above the world so high , like a diamond in the sky." This nursery rhyme lullaby goes on four more stanzas but most people do not have them memorized or have fallen asleep before they get to the end of the first stanza. In space, the stars do not twinkle. Twinkling is caused by clouds and the shimmering of the thermosphere at different temperatures. When you look down a hot black asphalt road on a very hot summer day, you see this mirage-like effect. Stars themselves are simply balls of hot plasma held together (like most things in the universe) by their own gravity and glowing like a fluorescent light fixture. The planet Uranus actually is partly made of diamond.

3. Right now, the only people in space are government bureaucrats. NASA has bankrupted many companies by the expedient of pretending to listen to innovative ideas, then stealing the idea, giving it some bureaucratic name "Commercially Developed Next Generation System, CDNGS, or some such", asking the company's competitors to bid on a contract, the funding dries up when another political party takes over The White House or Congress, the program is canceled, and the original company (which should have known better than to talk to NASA) is long bankrupt.

4. NewSpace companies differ from the old aerospace parasites in that their business model does not depend on a government contract. It is important to remember that no law protects the precision or honesty with which language is used. Aviation companies which only work with aircraft call themselves aerospace to sound cool. Defense companies and military contractors which only build weapons and other things that kill call themselves aerospace as a PR ploy because it sounds better than merchant of death. This creep of language is now underway in the NewSpace industry. However Orbital Sciences Corporation started, it is now a defense/military contractor. SpaceX started as a NewSpace company but has morphed into a government contractor. Bigelow and Virgin Galactic started as NewSpace companies but both are now working on NASA contracts.

5. The history of the human race is that of people moving from their tribe or community or country to another place and governing themselves separately. No one on Earth should be outraged or even surprised when space colonies declare independence from Earth and even start militaries to protect themselves from a grabby overbearing Earth. If this does not happen, then humans will have become a race of gutless cowards that cannot stand up to their own governments.

6. Slavery ended in the 19th Century, the 1800's.

7. Real estate is expensive on Earth but there is literally an infinite supply in the universe. Theoretically, land should be less than pennies per square mile except for the cost of transportation to get there. In fact, the recent economic meltdown was not just credit card debt and sub-prime mortgages. The straw that broke the proverbial camel's back was gasoline prices. Some of the farthest out suburbs were some of the first places where people walked out of their homes with hot meals on their tables, the TV still on, children's teddy bears left behind, insurance policies and other important papers left behind, doors left unlocked or even open. People who work for companies that clean up repossessed homes and tax seizures reported seeing all that and much more!

8. Although Native Americans well know this, some non-Natives think Native Americans live in teepees. They live in houses like everyone else. Even back in George Washington's time, Cherokees lived in houses.

9. The problem with humans who try to turn themselves into machines is that machines are obsolete before you get them home from the store. The human body has millions of years of design in it and can adapt.

10. North Korea actually punishes families for three generations.

Source: KevMAC This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license.
Source: KevMAC This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license.

The Top Ten Most Useful Things Uranium West Can Do

1. Point out that we humans are not listening to scientists, so why should scientists bother to work? Maybe they should all retire and take up basket weaving and let the Earth slip back into the Dark Ages. The Inquisition, economic depression, cultural deterioration, collapse of civilization, rise of religion that murdered you if you did not convert to it, famine, wars, The Black Death (bubonic plague, septicemic plague, pneumonic plague, and possibly other pandemics like Lassa and Marburg), invasions of barbarians who enjoyed rape & ransacking, killing of innocent people, slavery, feudalism, and ice age (climate change) were some of the unpleasant things about The Dark Ages.

2. Provide entertainment that does not rot the brain.

3. Provide students with an alternative to reading George Orwell's 1984. That year came and went and the Earth does not look like Aldous Huxley's Brave New World either. It actually looks worse than either one of those.

4. Upset high school teachers and college professors who realize that they have not prepared their students for what is really happening.

5. Upset all those news reporters, journalists, and bloggers who think the news is oil rich countries (the irrelevant past), older companies, and Washington DC.

6. Explain why the stories are called Uranium West and not something else.

7. Perhaps encourage people to care about this planet.

8. Perhaps encourage those unemployed lawyers (that people are talking about) to do something useful such as public interest work to prosecute polluters or getting Inhofe out of office. Of course, that's asking a lot of fiction.

9. Stimulate discussion that leads to something useful. Instead of discussion that leads to drinking and smoking and bad health.

10. Give the reader ideas of where to invest or what career to pursue.

Questions to Ask

1. Who owns space?

To some people this is the same as asking, Who owns heaven? Who owns God?

2. If space really is the final frontier, then do we really want government owning it when most of us would be going to get away from government? Or at least bad government. And isn't all government bad?

(Tell me about a government that isn't bad and you win the much prized Research Award.)

3. Are there jobs out there?

I could refer you to a company. Email me.

4. Are there aliens out there? Are there extraterrestrials out there?

If you mean are there people like us, then we have found no evidence of them. If you mean are there monsters or creatures who look different from us, then we have found no evidence of them. If you mean microbes and microorganisms, then even there we have found no evidence of life even at the microscopic level. However, there is evidence that microbes may have existed on Mars in the distant past. When Mars was hit by some big asteroid or comet in the distant past, part of Mars' surface and most of its atmosphere was knocked away and some of the debris landed on Earth in Antarctica. When they cut the Martian rocks open, scientists found fossilized things that looked like microbes long dead. At the moment, the most likely places to look for extremophile exobiological lifeforms are on Europa, a moon of Jupiter, and on Titan, a moon of Saturn. And if humans find life, they will probably kill it because let's face it, we humans are depraved creatures who really are not interested in anything other than killing (look at the video games). I mean yes, some of us want to evolve past that brand of stupidity, but we are not in the majority.

5. When we send probes to land on other worlds looking for life, aren't we in fact contaminating the surface with germs brought from Earth?

Yes, probably. Even if we "discovered" life on some other world, wouldn't it in fact be germs that came from Earth and so we wouldn't really "discover" anything?

Yes, probably.

6. Can you buy land on other worlds?

Yes and no. Yes there are companies that claim to be selling things but whether any "title" or "deed" would be effective remains to be seen. No, the United Nations has not really budged from its position of we all own space -- meaning government owns space -- meaning socialism -- meaning communism.

7. Why is space development taking so long?

See answer to previous question. That is why space development is so slow and why nearly a century has passed since Robert Goddard and Konstantin Tsiolkovsky opened up the prospect of space but there are no suburbs there yet. Though we stand on the shoulders of giants like these, humans today are mental mites.

8. Is space the new American dream?

Didn't expect this question. So I don't have an answer yet.

9. Why do some people not get why space is the big thing of our time?

See answer to question number seven.

10. How will we get there? How will we get to other worlds?

Not by rockets. Rockets have been around since ancient China. Maybe something beyond flying saucers. Maybe anti-gravity or using some phenomenon of physics we have ignored. Maybe the ships will not look like rockets nor like saucers. Maybe we will be really surprised at how simple it can be.


Most nonfiction and fiction glorifies evil. Murder mysteries and horror and slasher movies for example. This glorification of evil is not necessarily conscious. People are seeking diversion from their problems. Entertainment in the form of fiction serves as a diversion. News and nonfiction books and documentaries deal with reality and reality as we all know has some problems. One reality and one problem we have to face is that fiction can make real world problems worse. How? Sociopaths can read certain books and see certain movies (carnography) and get the idea to torture innocent people and to commit murder. I don't need to convince you. We all know this is true. We just choose to stay in collective denial. The problem with denial is that it makes bad problems worse. Children might be excused for this dysfunctional and illogical behavior but it is inexcusable in adults.

So now you know the thinking behind my fiction. A lone voice trying to make the world better and cleaner through nonfiction essays and fiction stories that inspire solutions instead of inspiring sociopaths.

© 2013 Toni_Roman


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    • Toni_Roman profile image

      Toni_Roman 4 years ago

      Thanks for the vote up ;)

    • Toni_Roman profile image

      Toni_Roman 4 years ago

      Please either send me a private email or comment here publicly and let me know what parts of this hub you'd like to see more in the same vein. I ask because I cover a lot of ground and specifics help me to help you and other readers. Thank you for your comment.

    • Darksage profile image

      Khen Ramos 4 years ago from Philippines

      Wow, interesting topic here. Some gave informative information, some are good. This is a hub worth reading for most, and ignored better by some but better when read by everybody. Good Job! voted up :)

    • Suhail and my dog profile image

      Suhail Zubaid aka Clark Kent 4 years ago from Mississauga, ON

      You wrote, "10. How will we get there? How will we get to other worlds? Not by rockets. Rockets have been around since ancient China. Maybe something beyond flying saucers. Maybe anti-gravity or using some phenomenon of physics we have ignored. Maybe the ships will not look like rockets nor like saucers. Maybe we will be really surprised at how simple it can be."

      This is quite interesting, because there are scientists who think our entire energy using model is incorrect and that it became a fad because of corporate greed.

      This was a very interesting read. Looking forward to reading more in the same vein.