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Between A Rock And A Hard Face.

Updated on November 28, 2009


Between A Rock And A Hard Face.



I live in the shadows

of your Mt. Rushmore face.

If silence is golden you

must truly be Queen Midas.

All communication is

vacated by your angst,

your posture is  

Stone Mountain as you rise,

 and turn your back to

my pleas for compromise.

Love still glimmers in your eyes

mingled with a strong

tinge of disappointment.,

as your sharp glances

cut into my soul.

Perhaps I should gather

my verbs into actions,

that are soundless,

but still show you my feelings.

There are no words

to reach you now,

my tongue falls numb,

my lips pressed into

a horizontal line

that longs to bend,

into the cherished smiles we knew

before silence grew insurmountable.


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