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Beware of the Golem

Updated on December 2, 2012
The Golem
The Golem

by Chrisitne B.

My Jewish readers might be familiar with a Golem, but as for me, I had never heard of the creature before I received a disparate plea from a friend of mine in California asking for advice regarding a situation she found herself in.

It seems my friend ordered an antique bracelet on line from a woman in Australia. She was excited when the package from Australia arrived, but soon changed her mind. Along with the antique bracelet came a golem!

In Jewish folklore a golem is a hulk-like stone creature who was created by magic to destroy gentiles (anyone who isn’t Jewish). The word, “golem” translates to “body without a soul.” Stories of the golem date back to early Judaism, before the 16th century. Golems are created from mud and dust, “kneaded into a shapeless husk.” They were supposedly created by holy men of the Jewish faith. These creatures do not speak and are animated by a mystic process induced by a ritualistic use of various letters of the Hebrew Alphabet. For example, stamping the Hebrew letters for “truth” on the golem’s forehead could activate the creatures, but removing one of those letters would deactivate it. Another way used was writing the letters on parchment and then stuffing that parchment inside the mouth of the golem.

In my friend’s case, soon after the package from Australia arrived she began feeling as though her soul was being pulled from her body through her crown chakra. This friend has written books on releasing spirits and sending them on to their proper dimension. I was with her when she performed this process at a home when I was still living in California. In other words, she knows her stuff and is not one prone to flights of fantasy. The antique bracelet was a vehicle through which the golem was able to attack her spiritually. Understanding what was happening to her immediately, she put the bracelet in her back yard until the following morning, when she then shipped it back to its source in Australia. The former owner refused the return shipment, so it is now on its way back to my friend. (It is also a point of fact that my friend is not Jewish, therefore, she is a gentile.)

I have mentioned before that one should be wary when purchasing antiques, especially jewelry. It is possible to bring a negative spirit into you your home through these antiques, as all things made of energy can store the energy of the former owners. Metal objects are particularly susceptible to this process. And purchasing antiques on line should be avoided even more because you are not able to pick up on any problems the object might have before it reaches you, nor can you know the reason the former owner wants to get rid of it!


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