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Beware the Batman: CANCELED?

Updated on October 24, 2013
Beware the Batman
Beware the Batman | Source

Beware the Batman

Beware the Batman; the latest (and worst) installment in the Batman franchise, is canceled. Who, what, why? Batman, canceled, because it sucked.

Beware the Batman which usually airs on Saturday mornings on Cartoon Networks DC Universe Block didn't air like it was supposed to. Instead they just played another episode of Teen Titans Go! which is an also equally bad show. Either way, Beware the Batman didn't air as it was supposed to, there was no explanation no commercial, no bumper, nothing. It wasn't even acknowledged for days until IGN wrote an article about its mysterious absence from the block that Cartoon Network released an official statement in reply to IGN's article saying that the show was not canceled but would continue in a few months.

Seems a bit shady doesn't it? Remember what happened to Young Justice? One week it just didn't air. No one knew why, it just didn't air. A few days went by, an article was wrote online, and then Cartoon Network released a statement saying that Young Justice would be back in a few months and would continue as planned. Then what happened? A few months passed and Young Justice was back on the air, it finished out the rest of it's season, then it was canceled The thing about that was, Young Justice was actually a good show, and Beware the Batman is not. It seems to be a growing trend of Cartoon Network just giving less and less shit about it's DC rights. Warner Bros. owns Cartoon Network which in turn owns the rights to the animated DC content. So anything animated with DC has to go through Cartoon Network, and they seem to just be shitting on everything that comes their way. They give the Green Lantern a terrible show, they cancel the greatness that is Young Justice, make a horrible remake of the Teen Titans. While the Animated Marval Universe seems to be blooming, DC is being destroyed.

Beware the Batman
Beware the Batman | Source
Beware the Batman
Beware the Batman | Source
Beware the Batman
Beware the Batman | Source
Beware the Batman
Beware the Batman | Source

Basic bio of the show:

The series is set during Bruce Wayne's early years as the Batman, following his initial period of battling organized crime. Over the course of the season, he hones his skills with the assistance of his butler, Alfred Pennyworth. Bruce is introduced to Alfred's goddaughter, Tatsu Yamashiro. Tatsu is a martial arts swords-master hired to act as Bruce's bodyguard, but also recruited to act as a superhero partner to Batman.

^^^that's direct from the wiki.

Now let me just say this, I am a DC fan, and above all else a Batman fan, and I cannot stand this series. Everything about it is a disgrace to the Batman mythos.

For starters; and my biggest problem with the show, Alfred is made to be some type of Secret Agent. Alfred is not a badass, he just isn't. Don't get me wrong, Pennyworth can hold his own in a pinch if he needs to, but he's not Agent 007. There are a few different variations of Alfred Pennyworth, Detective, Actor, former British Military, MI6, etc. But even as such in the variations where he was former military or special forces he is still an old man, humbled. But in this variation he is some sort of Secret Agent duel pistol baddass wannabe, and that is just not Alfred.

Next, the sidekick. It's not any of the Robins, or Batgirls, or even Nightwing, it's some random girl named Katana. Really DC, really? She is supposedly Bruce Wayne's bodyguard during the day and Batman's sidekick by night. Like I really don't see the reason for it. In the DC Universe there is already a girl named Katana, and she is a villain, not a hero. Anyway, Batman has a plethora of sidekicks that they could have chose from, but no, they had to pull this crap.

The villains. There so far hasn't been single A or even B list villain in the entire show. No Joker, Penguin, Mr. Freeze, Killer Kroc, no one. All of the villains in the show so far have been people that I can honestly say that I (as a massive Batman fan) have no recollection of them ever appearing the comics.

And the final reason, and most likely the biggest reason that the show failed is the animation format. They used that same CGI format the Green Lantern show used a little while back; that show failed too, and it's a terrible format for any show, let alone a Batman show.

My personal review:

Now for my own personal review of the show:

As a Batman fan boy I have to see every Batman show that airs, no matter how it is. I must see it. Anyway, I watched every episode up to the "cancellation," and it was terrible. You have already read what I think of the cast. It's horrible. A new screwed up sidekick, unknown and over the top villains that have no place in a Batman show.

The visuals were pretty crappy. They used that really bad CGI format that seems to be taking trend in animated shows and movies lately. It's pretty bad. To me the best format for a cartoon is the drawn style, the same way it had been done for years. Batman: The Animated Series had the greatest art style of any other in its genre, an almost any cartoon ever, but Beware the Batman shows that sometimes the apple truly does fall far from the tree.

The over all story of the series is pretty mundane. Random C list villain pops up to do the usually boring stuff like rob banks, destroy the city, etc etc, Batman pops up, kicks butt, gives cheesy one liner that pertains in some way shape or form to the nature of the crime or the villain, and disappears off into the night. There is a bigger plot going on behind the main scenes, but it's still pretty boring.

Overall I give Beware the Batman 2/5. I'm glad it's being canceled.

Did you like Beware the Batman?

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2 stars for Beware the Batman


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      3 years ago


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      3 years ago


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      Mark Bigford 

      3 years ago

      Nobody wants tough Alfred. Doesn't even look like Alfred. Looks like lex luthor. Batman looks like hes wearing some rubber s&m thing. There was no joy in the show at all. The designs of the characters were sooo stale. Zero production value. Zero detail. The streets of gotham were always empty except for batman and whatever villain he was fighting. I mean it looks like a ghost town, not a major city. This show sucked.

    • profile image

      Eric Hooper 

      4 years ago

      Ok. A couple of things. While the show was not in league with other Batman fare it stayed true to the idea that Batman is a character open to many different interpretations.

      The other thing i'd like to address is the choice of characters. Katana may not have been one of Batman's sidekicks she was a partner during his Batman and the outsider days. As established during the Bat books in the 80's Alfred has a history a former member in the British Secret Service.

      Given DC likes to play in the Multiverse it's not a stretch to have the twi supporting characters in different roles. The setting for The Young Justice Cartoon was Earth 16.

      On to the villains. I enjoyed that the show took the route of showing us Batman villains we haven't seen in animated form. And they have all appeared in the comics.

      The scientist they were protecting was the head if Cobra. Mr. Pig and friend were in the 1st vol. of Batman and Robin. Magpie showed up in the eighties and Anarky had a long run in the Batman book in the 90's. And of course Lady Shiva. Created in the 70's and came to promise after Batman's back was broken (when Jean Paul Valley took over the role).

      She was prominent in the Cassie Cain Batgirl book and the 1st vol. of Birds of Prey (Gail Simone's run)

      I say of this to illustrate why I liked this show. They dared to give us different take on the popular character and still honor his roots. I'm sad to see it go.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      But the last episode I remember they revealed Ra's Al Ghul!

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      I kind of liked "Beware the Batman." It was not the best, but it was OK. I would give it a solid C. I saw "Teen Titans Go" one time. I would give it a D-. "Young Justice" was a much better program. We got to see how the Teen Titans grew up and became a powerful force for good. I gave it a solid A, because we got to see the members of the Justice League and the problems they had. If Cartoon Network was smart, they would go back to Young Justice and do another Justice League animated show. I also agree with you that "Batman: the Animated Series" was the best. It was better than most of the Batman movies. Maybe they will revamp "Beware the Batman." It sure wouldn't hurt.

    • FatFreddysCat profile image

      Keith Abt 

      5 years ago from The Garden State

      I watched the premiere of this show with my kids a few months ago...none if us liked it. The animation was terrible, we didn't like the show's "look" at all, it was ugly as hell


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