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Updated on November 6, 2015

Limitations are an illusion created by the insecurities of our thoughts so that we may conjure them up and mould them into the form of excuses.

For with excuses we relieve ourselves of the guilt of not trying harder, pushing further, staying later or enduring more.

We feel like we have escaped consequence when all we have done is restricted ourselves from achieving greatness.

The relief is short term and is soon replaced with a heavy weight in the core of our sub-conscience.

A loud, deafening weight which screams that you weren’t good enough, that you weren’t big enough, fast enough or smart enough.

It masks the reality that you just didn’t DO enough, that your failings are a result of a lack of effort on your behalf and not some force of nature which is out of your control.

Don’t go beyond what is expected by others of you but beyond what is expected from you BY you.

Work so hard that your success looks easy.

Make people wish they had what you earned.

Let them conjure up excuses of limitations so that they can portray what you have achieved to be unachievable.

Do what others don’t so you can do what they can’t.

Be who you want to be so others want to be you.

After all you can never beat someone who never gives up, you can only slow them down.

The only person who can beat you is you, for it is you who ultimately decides when you stop, give up or pause.

so go, then go again and then go further than that.

Go beyond.

By Lee Costello


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