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A Nice Mask

Updated on May 12, 2012

visiting, chatting

smiling, flattering

doing no ill to you as you see

the sun seeing no wrong

moon knowing the rest

world seeming happy

"At a distance..."

alls well

why my friends would we want more?

why not be as we seem

when the world thinks we are

if it isn't seen why need they judge?

perhaps my moon faces and hands touch one or two

it is their choice how to respond

and ours to choose again

making friends with grace and style

letting them not see our faces

least the reflection serve us not at all

virtue then is compartmentalization

saying that word alone, a saintly act

we cheer as we cheer ourselves.

those who can keep all apart

make them our heroes

until some writer or camera prove them false

calling them nasty names

judging what each side be

but if they hide it well

and the side we want to be seen

being what we see in them

then they are glorious

good and whole

what you see being what you want to get.

if that be what you get

then how can that not be true?

True? don't say that dirty word

nothing is true, you can't see me.

what would you think if you saw

as the moon saw

keep away from my Dorian fresco

I see each day when doing up my face

the one I mean you not to see.

becoming the one I do.


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