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Beyond Moral Compass

Updated on February 4, 2014
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Beyond Moral Compass

By Tony DeLorger © 2014

Endemically entrenched into the psyche of humanity,

is righteous belief, an unquestionable justification for actions,

regardless of extent or collateral impact,

in the resolution of balance and compliance for that paradigm.

Seemingly impassive, the chosen beliefs of the multitudes,

determine the course of leadership, to exhibit strength and endurance,

in the court of public opinion and within the zealots expectation,

to appease the moral needs of the masses.

In this process, outrage and defiance become the catalyst of change,

not always in the best interest of humanity,

but rather the struggle to maintain power and control over belief,

and the maintenance of belief structures and adherence to them.

Between the beliefs, the rhetoric and the propaganda,

the relationship between leadership and followers is in constant flux,

and can fuel a third and most dangerous entity,

the compromise between belief and the containment of injustice.

In deed, this inequality as seen by extremists, promotes violent retribution,

in the name of belief and justice blurred by divine consent,

to protect and maintain equilibrium within the philosophy,

and restore order and balance to sanctified life.

It takes one mind only to infiltrate the masses,

use belief as a weapon to bring about change,

all in the name of a deity, with permission to disseminate lies in the name of truth,

and be at peace with it, as a gesture of religious intent.

How base we humans,

to accept such an enigma of reality,

the truth strew across a desert of lies,

to be seen as under the gaze of heaven.

We are humanity, seen at our worst by our weakest links. Common sense prevail.


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