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Beyond the Boundaries of Reality (a Dream)

Updated on June 4, 2015

Road to Unconciousness

Sleeping Man
Sleeping Man | Source


Lying on my bed, the drowsiness is invading me little by little; First, my eyelids succumb to the fatigue acquired during the day, covering my eyes gently, turning off the dim light still seeping from the outside to the inside of my bedroom; then, fleeting thoughts about activities performed during that day replicated mentally within me, without any worthwhile dedicating more than one tenth of a second; finally, unconsciousness abstracts me from the usual everyday reality.

Having collapsed into a profound sleep, if I could stare at myself, I would be looking at a corps lying quietly on a bed, wrapped in a blanket, perhaps restless, contending behind a piece of white cloth, annoyed, perhaps, by some light noise coming from outside, but without interrupting the corporeal drowsiness.

A pair of seconds have elapsed, maybe minutes or hours. In this state, time is sublime; no beginning or end, no truce nor admonition. The soul is, was and will be.



I begin to realize that, now, I find myself surrounded by dark shadows in the middle of a maze with no obvious way out. Only the vertical shadows, mimicking doors, one on each side of me and a third right in front of me.

Uncertainty starts to prey on me. I do not understand what I'm up against. I begin to think that I'm on the borders of the real and the unreal. At moments which seem eternal, I remain immobile, just watching what is presented before me.

I have not taken a single step and my whole being is beginning to worry;

There it is? ¨ I say to myself.

¨It´s coming to get me! I say introspectively.

I wish I could take a straight road, but I have taken several pathways at a time, each one of them sets me into different scenarios, which I´m truly not familiar with.

Recurring Dreams

How many Times have you Dreamed the Same Dream?

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A Dream
A Dream | Source

This is a Dream

¨Am not the only one, there are others like me, so, I do not feel alone,¨ I estimate with determinism.

¨How many times I have I been through this?¨ I´m curious.

¨I'm already used to it,¨ with this voice, I comfort myself.

¨This is a dream, I remember, but I shoud not move out, I need to know, ¨with this voice, I remain calm.

¨I´ve taken different pathways, but none of them leads me down through the ones I´m familiar with; all of them are uncertain to me, I do not understand, or are certain, but I fail to comprehend, ¨ I declare introspectively.

Within the disturbing dream, a tingling sensation runs down my ethereal body. It pushes me to follow the pathways within this sidereal dream. After visit them all, they eventually bring me to where I started. It's not like I thought, this seems like a delusion.

Sleeping | Source

Tiredness and Lethargy

¨The passages were not like this; in the past, I just needed to choose one road and it would lead me to one place, but now the outcomes are more ample and varied, ¨ an inner voice declares.

Its 8 o’clock in the morning, the sun´s rays go through the white curtains hanging from one corner to the other in the bedroom, and brighten the other end of the bed.

¨I wish I could remain asleep longer, there is more to learn under the influence of tiredness and lethargy than under the control of media and the everyday life, ¨ I ponder.


Being | Source

Recurrent Dreams

I have been having the same dream for a while, but every time, it is slightly different from the previous one. There is been other days when the dream has been, not of this kind, but of terror.

Those ones that can scare you to death. One of them is recurrent, but hopefully, it will stop scaring me because I made sure the entity scaring me to death is trapped inside its own obscure lair.

To tell you the truth, I prefer the science behind dreams more than nightmares where entities have eyes and corps like ours.

Kinds of Dreams

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Signal dreams
Prophetic dreams
Epic dreams
Recurring dreams
Mutual dreams
Physical dreams
Progressive dreams
Subjective dreams
Spiritual dreams
Science behind dreams


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