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Biblical facts on Bermuda Triangle

Updated on August 5, 2015

Bermuda Triangle

At the time author Vincent Gaddis coined the phrase “Bermuda Triangle” in a 1964 magazine article, more mysterious accidents had occurred in the area, including three passenger planes that went down despite having just sent “all is well” messages. Since then, scores of fellow paranormal writers have blamed the triangle’s supposed lethalness on several things from aliens, Atlantis and sea monsters to time warps and reverse gravity fields, whereas more scientifically minded theorists have pointed to magnetic anomalies, waterspouts or huge eruptions of methane gas from the ocean floor.

Scientific investigation and researches would forever remain clueless. As the mystery surrounding this issue is beyond mere mortal man’s comprehension. The appellation Devil’s triangle is wrong as not part or section of this world is allotted to the Devil by God. Bermuda lying 500,000 square miles or more of the Atlantic Ocean off the South-Eastern tip of Florida is the very site of the Garden of Eden.

There is no record that God destroyed the Garden of Eden. Rather he chased man out of it (Genesis 3: 22-24). Is it a coincidence that the Bermuda is off the South-Eastern tip of Florida no. ( Genesis 2: 8KJV) “And the Lord God planted a garden Eastward in Eden; and there he put the man whom he had formed” Bermuda triangle is almost two times the size of Nigeria which indicates that this is a nation.

The oldest known mention of “Atlantic” is in The Histories of Herodotus around 450 BC. The term Ethiopic Ocean, derived from Ethiopia, was applied to the Southern Atlantic as late as the mid-19Th century. This was before the discovery of other oceans by the Europeans. Prior to this time the term ‘ocean’ is used to describe waters beyond the Strait of Gibraltar.( Genesis 2:13) the Bible says “ the name of the second river is Gihon: the same is it that compasses the whole land of Ethiopia.”

Atlantic Ocean is a formation of those rivers that flows from the Garden. After man was banished from the garden, God caused the rivers flowing from the garden to merge forming the Atlantic Ocean. The essence of this was to prevent man from returning to the garden, which is now guarded by the Cherubims(angels). These angels were there to kill anything with live that strays towards the garden (Genesis 3:22-24).

If it had not been for the ocean, Adam and Eve would have gone back to the garden and this would have spelt a doom for the entire human race. The reasons were that, they were forced to till the ground which they were not used and they had no implement suitable for that. To make the matter worse, they were to work on an already cursed ground filled with thorns. Prior to this time plants grow in minutes and within an hour you are harvesting but the reverse definitely was the case now. A care-taker turns into a labourer, they would have concluded to return knowing fully well that since they had disobeyed God at the initial so the worse then can happen more-so, they were not aware of the presence of the Cherubims. For this, not to occur God barricaded the garden with the Atlantic Ocean.

As time went on knowledge began to increase leading to improved means of transportation and now man could go nearer the site of the Garden of Eden. Those angels(Cherubims) are still there and would remain there till the end of the world doing God’s bidding(Genesis3:24). The disappearance of all the planes, ships and persons on board were executed by these Cherubims. Christopher Columbus’ report on his first voyage to the New World around this area, which he claimed to have seen a great flame of fire crash into the sea. Was nothing but the flame from the flaming sword of the Cherubims keeping the Tree of Life. One spectacular thing about this sword is that it consumes what so ever it touches leaving no trace of such ever.

The concept that it is a secret home of aliens or unidentified flying objects (UFO) is partially true but those being are the cherubims keeping the Tree of Life.

The flaming sword generates a wind as it rotates, whose speed could move an object as fast as the ray of light or sound. It was the wind that propelled the aircraft on which Bruce Gernon travelled such that he covered a longer distance compared to time. The wind is stronger than a tornado and more ferocious than a hurricane. Bruce is one of the luckiest fellows who were never in the centre of this wind as it possesses the force sufficient to shatter any objects beyond measure.

The fog around this area cannot and would never be captured by any radar no matter how sophisticated it appears. This is because it is meant to keep mere mortal from seen the exchange of guards between heaven and that spot. Remember that it was here that God comes to fellowship with man. Therefore it still houses the presence of the divine beings and it also act as a fence to the garden.


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