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Bid the Farewell

Updated on November 22, 2015

Situations play us. Destiny supports it. The end product- a) We become experienced b) Losers, by definition.

A funny man has not lived life to normal standards. The secret is out. “He isn’t normal, so he is funny”.

What is fun? Ask a writer, stand-up artist or people in the zoo.

(A mind is accessible from any point to where you are standing. Your mind would be the first to show surprise and excitement at the discovery).

You start asking yourself if it has found something- a funny character, situation or story, then it must have known it from the beginning.

You must have played a part at some point in your life. The gradual development of a funny episode does not happen without your mind at the center of it.

Our mind keeps on finding the outside connection with things considered essential for evolution and takes you to places or people which can help to accomplish the task.

A copywriter has been assigned new project to make promotional ad campaign for a major coffee brand.

He is competent, experienced and crazy to take-up the challenge.

Everybody in the office was excited about it.

You learn with time that creativity is nobody’s bitch. It was his turn to understand it.

The situation is peculiar. He is thinking of challenging his working style- how ideas are being generated?

Is it the right time to take a risk?

Do you want to see/meet God? An eerie objection! (This ‘bracket of questions’ belittles the quality or credibility of decisions taken).

He understands it is a copywriter’s job to pick best lines and narrate story, without failing to hit the commercial message.

He is an ardent supporter of human spirit: When everyday people given the right opportunity to express can come-up with some of the most fascinating tales.

He leaves office carrying a voice-recorder in hands. That's it.

The search begins.

The question to be asked- What do people have to say when asked about coffee or anything relating to it.

There is a coffee house next to the building, I work. This is my favorite brand. I often run to buy coffee when I can simply walk”, the first guy said.

He concluded, “I can walk. The reason I run is to tell myself, and at times other people around me, there are certain things worth being crazy. Coffee breathes loud in my life.

He walked away, never bothered to take credit for ideas shared.

I recorded the whole conversation. The key notes- worth being crazy.

The next destination. A lively coffee house. The crowd is oozing with confidence. More artists, less people!

I approached the guy on counter. He was quick to respond. He started sharing his experience and things he like about the place.

First Tale: I haven’t seen anyone drinking coffee alone. I’m serious. People walking in through that door, first look at the table, order a cup of coffee and start waiting for someone or start reading a book. You see, they are never alone. Never one in company!

Second Tale: 'A horrible thing to be alone in the café waiting for customers'. It really starts giving an impression if i am in the business of making money.

The key notes: Never one in company.

I was ready to take the challenge, by now.

The next couple of participants were sharp, classic and witty.

Buoyed by the reaction, I decided to take some time off.

(Whether I’d be able to match the sharp reaction of others whom I have met or not, I was completely soaked by the energy level).

I'm among the best creative talents, I’ve seen in my life.

There is always a tendency or utter desperation to do better than the original thought.

The innocence loses itself like a love-story where a girl falls in love for love and you because she is in love.

(It's like we are trying to beat the source of energy (by saying we're going to do an inch perfectly, than the originating channel), which also happens to be the source of creative reservoir).

A delusional state of mind to establish perfection, to what it is.


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    • Rajan Dhir profile image

      Rajan Dhir 5 years ago from Delhi, India

      @CrazedNovelist. You have really made me look good here. Thank you.

    • CrazedNovelist profile image

      A.E. Williams 5 years ago from Hampton, GA

      Very interesting, Raj. I can say you definitely have a unique style of writing. :)


    • Rajan Dhir profile image

      Rajan Dhir 5 years ago from Delhi, India

      @ Mhatter99. I'm delighted to have your support and kind words of appreciation. It fills my heart with excitement and encouragement. God bless. Thank you.

    • Mhatter99 profile image

      Martin Kloess 5 years ago from San Francisco

      Thank you for sharing this insight with us.


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