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Big Girl by Danielle Steel

Updated on February 7, 2012

Victoria has grown up her whole life with her father's cruel words echoing through her head, whether they were about how fat she was, how much she looked like Queen Victoria (hence her name), or how she was the "tester-cake" baby, because she was not as perfect as her younger sister, Gracie. Her mother was the perfect trophy wife, hanging onto her husband's arm, supporting everything he said. Despite their extra love for perfect Gracie, Victoria loves her little sister unconditionally, and the two are inseparable. That is, until Gracie starts college and meets Mr. Right on her very first day.

Now, at only 22, Gracie is engaged to the senior she met when she was a freshman. Her father approves, of course, as he is from a wealthy family and this will make him look good. Victoria, on the other hand, almost 30 years old, is living on her own in New York with hardly any love life at all, and is still as imperfect as always in her family's eyes. Yet, she has her morals and common sense, and quickly realizes that Mr. Right isn't so perfect either, especially for her younger sister.

Big Girl is truly a wonderful story with a realistic twist on storytelling. It's a breath of fresh air from the typical books written about beautiful people and their beautiful lives - skinny, healthy, and perfect, which clearly is not the reality these days. Big Girl opens the door to all girls young and old of all shapes and sizes, and provides a wonderful story about true beauty and reality.

Danielle Steel does a wonderful job breaking away from the norm of writing and brings to life the reality of keeping fit, staying healthy, and being beautiful, no matter what the scale says.

I truly enjoyed living life with Victoria, sharing her emotions and experiences every step of the way. In some spots, the story is a bit quick paced, but it captures every moment of her life from the history of her parents' relationship to the moment of Gracie's wedding. I found my heart breaking at the harsh words of her father and my anger pulsing as I watched Gracie make one stupid and selfish decision after another as she turns more and more into her mother. I laughed at the humor and smiled through the joyous moments, and when I finished, I couldn't have asked for a more refreshing story.

I give Big Girl 4 out of 5 stars!


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    • kingmaxler profile image

      kingmaxler 6 years ago from Olympia, Washington USA

      That description of the book makes me want to read Danielle Steele and the book you wrote about. Thank you. I will pick up a copy at my local book store.