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Big Head, Small Body

Updated on February 19, 2011
Big Head, Small Body
Big Head, Small Body | Source

Actually, big and small are relative. (And I’m not just saying that because this is my relative, Big Uncle Al.) No, big and small are relative, for though it appears that Big Uncle Al has a big head and small body, in fact what he has is a big body and a truly enormous head!

Unc acquires most of his polos and sweats and Velcro-strap loafers and ball caps from Large Barters, the big-tall-fat-and-exceedingly-hefty consignment swap shop out by the Interstate. It’s the only place he can find things that fit. (Oh, yeah — that baseball cap fit is about as good as it gets. You trying sizing a hat for a head size of 87-3/4!)

Despite it having also proven very difficult thus far to find eyeglasses quite big enough, Big Unc has a distinct advantage out on the course: he’s the only one that can spy the flags of the next 5 holes over the fairway-flanking evergreens.  


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