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Big Hero 6 Books - Paperbacks, Activity Sheets, and Coloring Pages

Updated on November 8, 2014
Big Hero 6 Books For Grabs
Big Hero 6 Books For Grabs | Source

Read To Your Heart's Content With These Big Hero 6 Books

If you've watched Disney's Animated Film "Big Hero 6" already, then I say to you now - watch it a thousand more times! But well, you're lucky that you really don't have do that because there are a thousand more ways to enjoy the Big Hero 6 franchise without watching it over again and again (not that you don't want to watch it over again and again, right?). And so, here's one of the best ways to enjoy it more. It's to indulge into the Big Hero 6 Books and enjoy the story in a whole new perspective!

When I said Big Hero 6 Books, that's in a countless amount of forms. As you can see, you'll never run out of ways to enjoy it in this type of entertainment nature. We've got Big Hero 6 Paperbacks, Big Hero 6 Activity Sheets, Big Hero 6 Coloring Pages, and Big Hero 6 Sticker Books. The franchise has a big amount of exciting collection!

So, whether you're a person of any age, in one way or another, it's assured that you'll enjoy this rad reads. Now read away and get yourself submerged in the awesome adventure!

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Reading is fun and healthy for the mind!

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Hello friends! Read the Big Hero 6 Books with Excitement and Glee!
Hello friends! Read the Big Hero 6 Books with Excitement and Glee!

The Art of Big Hero 6

Since Big Hero 6 is surely a really big and popular franchise, it comes to no surprise that it's art and animation are on a level that's capable of charming all its fans in the world. As a matter of fact, being a fan of it myself, I can fully attest to that!

And so, that being said, I now present to you - the Art of Big Hero 6. Yeah, you've heard that right! This is a book that contains all the arts and crafts of the movie. But wait there's more! This simply isn't just your ordinary art compendium, as this one provides a meticulous selection of artworks ranging from the sketches, the storyboards, the maquette sculpts, the color-scripts, and everything you could imagine.

So, with everything said and colorfully proven, this art book is a great pick if you're one of those die-hard fans who wants everything related to their spectacular fandom. This is essentially a wonderful must-grab book I must say!

Big Hero 6 Junior Novelization

As I've said earlier, there are countless of ways to enjoy the Big Hero 6 franchise without needing to watch the movie over and over again. Gladly, one of those awesome ways is reading the novelization of the movie itself. That's right! The movie is now on its novel form here with book - Big Hero 6 Junior Novelization.


So what happens when a whole high-tech city suddenly faces a new threat? Well of course, a bunch of heroes springs up to save the day! That's what happens when Hiro Hamada and best friend robot, Baymax, jumpstarts a team full of newbie heroes to come and save the day from a mysterious villain.

And just so you know, this novelization comes in both paperback and audio CD form. So there you have it - more options for your fun-filled comedic action-adventure!


A Little Golden Book: Big Hero 6

Of course! When it comes to books, let's not forget about appropriating them for all sorts of people of all ages. Since the Big Hero 6 Junior Novelization is targeted more for older kids, teens, and even adults, this Little Golden Book Big Hero 6 is targeted for younger children and starting readers. Well, it's just the same story though! Just with leveled-down wordings and more colorful illustrations.

This Little Golden Book is definitely perfect for children who are just starting to read but already in the hype of the amazing franchise. Plus, this would definitely boost their reading prowess in no time. It's a good ol' book after all.

Big Hero 6: The Essential Guide (Guide Book)

As every true-blue fan might know a lot already about their fandom already, it's still nifty and fun to possess a guide book that contains all sorts of essential information. Well, let's not stray too far now as what we're talking about here is a guide book that contains runic scripts that get you through to the world your heart desires. I present to you now - the Big Hero 6: The Essential Guide!

Big Hero 6: The Essential Guide (Dk Essential Guides)
Big Hero 6: The Essential Guide (Dk Essential Guides)

This Essential Guide is filled to the brim with all the necessary bits of information you need about the movie. From character profiles, fun facts, Did You Know bits, to Amazing Stills from the movie -- you've got them all here in this wonderful fact-filled compendium!

Now, the only thing left to do is, getting it for yourself and using it to hearts content. I'm sure that this book will tickle your fancy! It's just that good to just miss. *chuckles*


Big Hero 6: Hiro and Tadashi

Well, if there's the main story, then there's bound to be side-stories as well. But in this one, it's a focus on Hiro Hamada (the main hero of the story) and his older brother, Tadashi.

This wonderful illustrated book depicts more on the personal life of Hiro as well as his relationship with his older brother, Tadashi. After all, they both are siblings who have uncanny curiosity towards technology and gadgets which is why this have all started and the reason for the forming of the awesome superhero group, Big Hero 6!

Disney Big Hero 6 Hiro's Journal

Do you have your own diary? Okay, let's not call it diary then. I'll repeat the question: Do you have your own journal? Well, Hiro Hamada has one and it's actually now available for everyone to see and spectate! He DID become a famous superstar because of the movie after all.

Disney Big Hero 6 Hiro's Journal
Disney Big Hero 6 Hiro's Journal

With Hiro's very own journal, we are given the chance to dive into his genius and brilliant mind. Who knows what's in his journal? For all I know (which seems obvious), the stuff we'll find in his journal are mostly intellectual quirks, technological information, gadgetry sketches, and even his daily adventures.

Grab one copy now if you want to learn of the things Hiro does in his usual genius-kid life. And oh, let's not forget about Baymax!

I'm sure this is what it would feel using Big Hero 6 build-it books, sticker books, and coloring books. It's practically like upgrading Baymax!
I'm sure this is what it would feel using Big Hero 6 build-it books, sticker books, and coloring books. It's practically like upgrading Baymax!

Big Hero 6: The Guardian Hero Ultra Build-It

Enough of story-books you say? Well, this isn't really one exactly. As a matter of fact, it's a combination of both a story book and an activity book. So here it is! This is what we call - the Big Hero 6: The Guardian Hero Ultra Build-It! Whew, what a long name!

Well, based on the name itself, you've probably figured out that this isn't just a story book. For crying out loud, this is also an activity book with a piece of activity sheet. That piece happens to be - a Guardian Hero Ultra Build-It. Yeah, that's Hiro and Baymax in their build-it-yourself press-out pieces. After you build it, you're gonna have a 1-1/2 foot tall Baybax and Hiro that you surely can play and enjoy while you read.

Ultimate Sticker Book - Big Hero 6 Sticker Book

Do you know any young kid or toddler in the block? Well, this surely will suit them well! I mean, what kind of kid doesn't love stickers and sticker books? And that's exactly what we have here! It's the Big Hero 6 Ultimate Sticker Book!

Ultimate Sticker Book: Big Hero 6 (Ultimate Sticker Books)
Ultimate Sticker Book: Big Hero 6 (Ultimate Sticker Books)

From Hiro Hamada to Baymas to everyone else in the movie, all the characters are here for you to stick anywhere! That's what you get for getting a sticker book. Of course, this shouldn't fail your expectations as this one has over (yeah, OVER) 60 fun and colorful stickers in its extravagant collection!


Maximum Power! - Big Hero 6 Coloring Book

As we've been talking about activity books for a while now, just what are activity books for if there are no coloring book varieties in the mix! Well, at least I didn't forget to add one here, so there you go! The "Maximum Power!" Big Hero 6 Coloring Book is yours to color and enjoy!

As far as coloring books can go, this is suited for all ages but targeted mostly for young children. So, whether you're just an artist who wants to test out your artistic skills in coloring, or is a kid who's craving for colors, then this coloring book is perfect for you! You not only get to upgrade your artistic talent, but also, get to color the whole world of Disney's Big Hero 6.

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    • toknowinfo profile image

      toknowinfo 3 years ago

      Great job putting all of this info together. It is very helpful since we are Big Hero 6 fans. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

    • Cheeky Kid profile image

      Cheeky Kid 3 years ago from Milky Way

      Patrick Rijnders, as things are going now (and as I watched the movie myself already), I think this one's really gonna be a big hit. It's probably one of the best of 2014 actually. Because of that, I myself am considering on getting the "Art of Big Hero 6" too. The others will surely serve as great gifts as well. :D

    • Patrick Rijnders profile image

      Patrick Rijnders 3 years ago from The Netherlands

      Wow, that's a lot of books! Personally I'm going to go for the Art of book, as well as the little golden book for my kids. I hope all this stuff sells well, and that the movie is going to be a hit, so they will make a second one ;)