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Big Jim 2: Tips on raising your boy

Updated on February 22, 2010

Big Jim Miller slipped his brass knuckles on, turned and violently put his fist through the face of Dr. Christopher Williams. You could hear a popping noise as Big Jims fist broke the Dr's nose, and a sickening groaning sound as he landed another one in the gut. The few patrons in the bar quickly went out the front door followed by Beatrice the barkeep who locked the door on her way out. People in this town knew not to mess with Big Jim and this was something they definitely did not want to get involved in. Big Jim’s 6 year old son, JR tried to slip out with the crowd but his father grabbed him by the back of the neck and threw him into one of the booths in front of the bar.

Dr. Chris had just arrived in town about two weeks ago straight from medical school. Being idealistic and naive, he and his pregnant wife had considered going overseas to spend two years working in Uganda, but in the end decided to come to this rat hole town just on the West Virginia side of the Ohio River. They figured that the poverty and squalor here is every bit as bad as it was in those far away places you see on the news, and maybe they could make a bigger impact here in West Virginia.

Big Jim picked up Dr. Chris by the belt and threw him onto the table of the booth where JR had landed. He slipped the Dr.’s belt off and jerked his hands behind his back; lashing the belt around them to keep his arms from flayling around. Dr. Chris was trying very hard to breathe when Big Jim tore the Dr.'s khakis off and began to violently rape him. The Dr.let out a blood curdling scream as Big Jim had his way with him. Big Jim had a look like a wild animal on his face as he towered over the Dr. The more the Dr. tried to yell and struggle the more violent Big Jim raped him. After what seemed to be a very long time, Big Jim staggered back and turned Dr. Chris on his back. The Dr. was struggling to remain conscious when Big Jim reached into his boot and pulled out his knife. His hair all sweaty and greasy Big Jim slowly cut the Dr.'s throat from ear to ear, leaving a macabre smiley face where his neck used to be. With the bloody knife still in his hand Big Jim turned to look at JR. JR sat wide eyed, rocking back and forth humming a song his momma used to sing. He was staring straight ahead and sitting in a puddle of urine mixed with the Dr.s splattered blood. Big Jim grabbed him by his hair and put the knife to his throat. He jerked him onto the table and held his face down into the blood and gore. JR's face was eye to eye with the dead Dr.'s when Big Jim shouted: “ Look at him damn it! You see what happens boy! These sorry ass motherfucker’s come down here and start yapping about how we should live our lives. Well fuck them! Nobody fucks with me boy, you hear me! Nobody tells me what to do! See what happens when your a weak shit!" Big Jim pulled his boy up by the hair and with a wild look in his eye said "This is what happens when your weak shit!”

If you were looking to buy some moonshine in southeastern Ohio or Northern West Virginia you would be dealing with Big Jim. They called him Big Jim simply because he was enormous. Hands down he was the largest man within 5 counties. The only thing bigger then Big Jim was his temper. When he drank he was mean, nasty and cruel. Problem was he was always drinking. He lived out in the hills in the shack he was born in. Moonshine ran in the family. His daddy was a moon shiner and he had learned it from his daddy. Big Jim would come into town about once a week to collect some debts and have some drinks with his buddies. Thats how he happened upon Dr. Chris at the only bar in town.

When Big Jim wasn’t running moonshine you could find him doing time in prison. He would get released and keep on doing what he had been doing and sooner than later he would end up back in jail. In between these state sponsored vacations Big Jim found some time to get his cousin pregnant, as was the custom in those parts. The result of that union was an ill tempered little boy who they named JR. Now most folks named JR use it as a nickname or an abbreviation. Not the case with JR Miller. During his most recent prison stay Big Jim had found religion. Full of fire and brimstone Big Jim went off and got himself a big ole tattoo on his forearm that read “Jesus Rocks!”. If you would listen to him he would tell you that he had thought that up all by himself and wasnt he just a fucking genius. While Big Jim was enjoying his spiritual awakening, this cousin he had impregnated was at home on the couch eating fried Twinkies and watching the popular TV show Dallas. Dallas was the big show at the time and she sure did love it. In fact she thought if JR Ewing rolled into town in one of his big shiny Cadillac’s she sure enough would leave Big Jim where he lay and run off into the sunset with Mr. JR Ewing himself. Seeing as that never happened, and given Big Jims tattoo, they both thought that fate had left them no option but name the kid JR.

copyright © 2010


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    • MordechaiZoltan profile image

      MordechaiZoltan 7 years ago

      Thank you! That is an awesome compliment. I hugely appreciate it! Have a great week!

    • shazwellyn profile image

      shazwellyn 7 years ago from Great Britain

      Wow! What a lesson in productive parenting skills! Loved your style and your descriptions are mind blowingly visual! Brilliant! x