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Bill Cosby Deals With A Life Of Tragedy, and Controversy

Updated on January 3, 2016

The North Philadelphia Mural Features Nelson Mandela, Desmond Tutu, Martin Luther King, And Bill Cosby

mural in North Philadelphia
mural in North Philadelphia | Source


On a mural in North Philadelphia, Bill Cosby is painted among two of the greatest most powerful leaders that have helped bring awareness to the ongoing healing of our World.

Desmond Tutu, Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King. Blessed with intellect and groundbreaking comedic talent Cosby is known as man of great substance, and yet to others Cosby's star is tainted with unfavorable controversy.

This article is about the laughter that Bill Cosby has introduced through trails of parenthood and the tragedy and controversy which followed.

Cosby's Ongoing Credits

Image of The Cosby Family.
Image of The Cosby Family. | Source

Cosby The Comedian

William Henery otherwise known as “Bill” Cosby Jr. born July 12, 1937 is an American comedian, actor, author, producer of television, scholar, musician, and activist, and who knows, Cosby is probably the perfect chef as well. The one thing that Mr. Cosby does amazingly well is sitcom. In 1980 Cosby produced and starred In one of the best family sitcoms to date, The Cosby Show. Airing for eight seasons, The Cosby show sat at #1 for five years straight in America.

A sitcom which captured the lifestyle of a well-rounded African-American family took America by storm. Until then the stereotypical views of an African American family was viewed in a negative way due to clichéd media attention. The Cosby show introduced a family of color in a lighthearted and warm way which instilled class and moral values.

Bill Cosby's Knowledge Comes From Experience

Out of all Bill’s credits, his most funniest moments can be found on stage, expressing the humor that one can experience when dealing with family, Children, and marriage.

Bill Cosby, Himself

Bill Cosby The Legend Of Laughter.

What Is Your Favorite Cosby Program?

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Little Bill Clip

Image of Little Bill
Image of Little Bill | Source

A Parent's Worse Nightmare, The Loss Of A Child

January 16, 1997, Bill Cosby experienced the unthinkable. Cosby's young son Ennis, was the victim of a senseless hate crime. Ennis Cosby was laid to rest,January 19, 1997.

Ennis's life still reigns on, through an animated series entitled, 'Little Bill', in which the little boy with the infectious laugh, greets all of his young viewers with the salutation, "Hello, friend", inspired by Ennis's down to earth nature. The ability to capture the kindhearted traits of his son through animation and books, keeps Ennis's spirit alive.

Little Bill Theme

Behind Every Great Man There's A Great Woman. Meet Camille Cosby


Camille Gives Her Husband Great Material To Work With

Camille O. Cosby the mother of five children her education includes University of Massachusetts. M.Ed., 1980, Ph.D., 1992.

Bill Cosby has realistic material to work with thanks to his wife Camille. Not to mention being an entertainer keeps you on the road often. Which means that Camille had to hold down the fort while her husband was away. Which must have been challenging at times. Good job Mrs. Cosby.

Cosby's DVD 'Far From Finished', Is His First Comedy Special In Thirty years.

Bill Cosby Image
Bill Cosby Image | Source

Iconic Model Beverly Johnson Speaks Out Against Bill Cosby, Following The Charges Led By Many Other Women

Beverly Johnson Clipping Magazine photo orig 1pg 8x10 J10663
Beverly Johnson Clipping Magazine photo orig 1pg 8x10 J10663 | Source

The Controversy Behind The Legend

Andrea Constand an aspiring actress in the 80’s filed a law suit against Bill Cosby for sexual assault. Read More: Washington Post.

After Constand’s revelation other women have spoken out against Cosby. These disgraceful accounts paint a shocking picture that Bill Cosby used his integrity as a role model to take advantage of young women, who looked up to him.

Beverly Johnson an iconic model best known as one of the first supermodels of the 70’s also came forward with her terrifying memory spent with Cosby.

Read More VanityFair

The controversy behind the scene of Cosby's personal life have left some fans baffled and desspondent, leading many to wonder how America's favorite dad and role model, ended up involved in such immoral situations. The profound truth is that we are all human, flawed from birth.

In the end, the ultimate judgement will lie within the hands of an all knowing Beholder, one who will hold everyone accountable for their actions here on earth.

Isaiah 2:22
Stop trusting in mere humans, who have but a breath in their nostrils. Why hold them in esteem?


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    • denise.w.anderson profile image

      Denise W Anderson 4 years ago from Bismarck, North Dakota

      While taking classes at college in education, I saw some of the documentaries that Bill narrated. He was a great educator prior to becoming a comedian, and he is a great comedian! We still quote from "Bill Cosby, Himself" in our home! He is an amazing man and gave us a very different viewpoint of the African American.