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Bin Laden

Updated on September 4, 2011

Bin Laden Bin Laden
finally dead
but was he the villain
in a play so bad?

The towers went down
that horrible day
thousands died
in a dreadful way

But what went on
behind the scene
who blew them up
secret and unseen?

United States
under attack
the world in shock
taken aback

The hunt is now opened
the chase has begun
the troops were gathered
the war was on

They invaded Iraq
don’t ask me why
were they chasing Bin Laden
or was it a lie?

Saddam Hussein
now had to pay
he wasn’t involved
but died anyway

Thousands and thousands
again had to die
and only to
support the lie

Bin Laden was trained
by the CIA
funded with dollars
the American way

The United States
being brought down
by their own
without a frown

But now they are
the hero again
because they killed
that evil man


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