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Bin laden...No More! -Hoorah!!

Updated on May 4, 2011

So why did we go and poison the fish in another ocean,

with the foulest human flesh that ever existed,

by baptizing him in salt water that when measured

would not come close to equaling the tears

of the 3,000 in their last moments

nor the over 4,000 troops who perished

or even the ten thousand maimed?

I would have fed him a wee bit at a time to rabid pigs,

so that he could watch his flesh become fodder for what

he thought was the most unclean beast on earth.

wrong again won that title hands down.

I have spent almost ten years writing about this maggot

and hating him with every breath he was allowed to suckle after 9/11.

endless newspaper articles calling for his capture and death

and detailing the reasons why.


I spent some time in October of 2001 doing a poetic tribute

to the victims of 9/11 and had the honor of meeting a man

who was in the pit aiding in the rescue and then the recovery

of the remains. He brought with him to that cafe a piece of the

World Trade towers....and it moved me to write the following:


I sat with a Fire Dept. Chaplain Monday night who had been in the rubble
of flesh canyon for five days administering to the shocked and disillusioned
he came to a poetry reading after I had invited him to attend and he brought a piece of the World Trade center given to him as he left New york City
a chunk of concrete smoke tinted and smelling of fire and fear
I touched it and expected something more than just it's roughened texture
but I realized suddenly that it was just remains..... it is all just remains,

The sun shines over that flesh canyon but no warmth is felt. No light can brighten
this shadowed pit for here peace has fallen to pieces.

I touched a remnant of that peace
broken and jagged and later cried for what it took with it in it's tumbles



History will remember the facts, the reactions, the politics, the retaliation
and the resulting aftershocks but I will remember the people, the faces

and the voices, not yet disembodied on cell phones.


They echo through my memories from a busted elevator
a lady cries, "We're all dying in here."

A man hollers, "Please, tell us how to survive till you reach us!"
and Cori's husband composing a farewell that could move the stone faces
on Easter island to weep
Who in his last call said,

" Cori, I think a bomb just hit here,
I'm having trouble breathing, I don't think we're......

going to make it out of here.
I just wanted you to know I love you."


When I heard he was killed the other night I was elated. Finally we had a president who took the right actions, in the right country, to catch the right man and he was

someone they always labeled on the left. Countless unnamed intelligence and military men and women worked togehter with thier Commander-in-Chief to plot out a careful incursion and execution of the world's most wanted yet most undesirable

scumbucket to walk the earth. Obama put his Navy Seal of approval on the operation

at the perfect time, and amazingly no Americans were killed. It was no rush to war,

each man was properly armored and no Americans died. Osama was not shot hiding behind the skirts of one of his wives, but if she had been near enough he would have grabbed her, I'll bet you $100.00 on that. Hiding out in pakistan in a mansion with a stable of women for years, in a military town that had to have known he was there. What a yellow bellied coward he was, and it makes me wonder ??? How many Marines did he personally ever kill? How many Army, Navy and Air Force troops did he stand up against and kill. I'll bet you it won't tally up to many if any at all. Oh, he ordered killings of innocent civilians from afar. but how many did he face and shoot in the eye and the chest, like he was felled. I hope it was tracer bullets so that he actually saw them coming I wrote a song yesterday as a farewell to this pig dung of a man. it is harsh and cruel and full of hate, it mimics his own personality and lifestyle. I make no apologies for it's lyrics and defy any of his peons to bring their wrath to my door, I am armed and ready, an ex-marine just looking for some Al-Quida targets.

Here is the song:



Osama Bin Laden
I hope that you scrambled
in fear, full of terror
from the troops drawing near,
I hope you died weeping
for the family you cherished,
and I hope it was painful
at that moment you perished.


Cause the Devil is waiting
with a whole lot of hurting
to impale you and roast you
like you did to our planes,
like those in the towers
you have fallen in flames,
to be tortured forever
and be endlessly maimed.

Praise God and praise Allah
who never condoned,
the killing of innocence,
for which you were known,
I'd wish I'd been there
in that most hellish place
when the demons erased
that smug look on your face.

I wish that Marine
that I once used to be,
had been there for your killing
granting you no mercy,
I'd have skinned you alive,
with a blowtorch real ...s l o w.................
I'd have drowned you in pork juice,
damnning your useless soul.


The Devil is waiting
with a whole lot of hurting
to impale you and roast you
there won't be any virgins
for all those you've butchered
you have fallen in flames,
to be tortured forever
and be endlessly maimed.

Praise all the soldiers who got him
guess Obama succeeded,
he put the troops right where
the killing was needed...
after years in Iraq,
where Osama was not...
I'm so glad that we finally
found the right spot.

We should make this a Holiday
and celebrate yearly,
the killing of a maggot
who needed death dearly,
Good riddance to rubbbish
his evil is done
bury him in an ocean
let the sharks eat that scum.


Cause The Devil is waiting
with a whole lot of hurting
to impale you and roast you
there won't be any virgins
for all those you've butchered
now you've fallen in flames,
to be tortured forever
and be endlessly maimed.

Osama Bin Laden
I hope that you scrambled
in fear, full of terror
from the troops drawing near,
I hope you died weeping
for the family you cherished,
and I hope it was painful
at that moment you perished..........................


This goes out to all the families

who lost someone on 9/11,

and to all those who lost family

members and friends in

two long and weary wars.

May God speed his peace

tonight to you and yours.

The feeble mind that caused

you so much grief is now impaled

on the devils fangs where he

will burn forevermore.

Praise God and Praise Allah

for the removal of one of earth's

foulest maggots.

ArtWhimsically Yours Studio

MFB Productions (c)-2011

almost 10 years of waiting


It is quickly gaining popularity....but I am not surprised. it is not posted where it is main lined on youtube but it will pick up hits regardless. What we need to do next is to cut off the successor to osama, more Navy Seals and a hail of bullets and another fish banquet for the sharks. then we need to find and kill the next runner up. until no man wants to take the role of leadership of the Al-quida and it dissolves into the cesspool it arose from. We have to be more barbaric....and take out those who seek to replace what we have destroyed. starting tomorrow and from now on. And if the cowardly new leaders surround themselves with innocent women and children and some must die...i just think back to another poem i wrote about a lovely young lady who suffered a most ungodly death:


How Would you make the Call.

It was simply a choice between the window,
or thousands of degrees of heat,
already melting the nylon stockings
to her trembling legs.
Her sun yellow dress,
would soon burst into tiny blue flames,
while she breathed in the stench
from her stylishly set hair,
as it crisped beyond any
curling iron damage she had ever known
Sure the tiny, nagging worry
that her dress would balloon up
over her face, and make her look
ridiculous in mid-air, bothered her
just a bit, but the heat, the god-awful heat,
was now melting her barrettes to her head,
and her shoes were sticking
against the scorching floor.
Her undergarments like hot glue
adhered to her flesh while she
suffered from the molten metal straps above.

"Please God, Forgive me!" she pleaded
as the window burst first, and then she followed,
taking an early flight, from her short life,
with a long wail of, "I love you, Mom and Dad."
Tears streaming as she plummeted 108 stories,
to land with a wet, explosive crump,
along with hundreds of others, also falling
in twisted spirals to the waiting avenues of death below them.


Think about this girl....imagine if had been your daughter, sister or wife, before you go thinking my song is too brutal, before you decide who will lead this country after the next election, it's a very important decision. So will we pull out a Trump card??? A man who has bankrupted so many of his endeavors. Let's make sure we elect someone who can get the job done, someone who is experienced in just that sort of mission, when it's time to cut off the head of the next snake that rears in the Middle East. I openly wept when I saw all of those jumpers leaping from the flames, and I have openly wept whenever I have read this poem ever since.


I remember when I made a mockery of Osama Bin laden with another song that I wrote about six or seven years ago, back in the Bush era. iI too is a wee bit crude, but pales when compared to the skank it was written about. It was a great idea...and I would have loved to have seen it played out on his worthless flesh. It is sung to the tune of "Old Time Rock And Roll." by Bob Seger and The Silver Bullet Band."


A comical sex change for the better. (as sung to the tune of: 'Old time rock and roll.' by Bob Seger& the silver bullet band.)


Here's a solution for all pacifists
to help resolve the fighting as they wish
just one more big idea for their tiny lists
to end the war using a tactical twist
Let's capture Bin Laden alive.....unharmed
and when we've got him handcuffed, and unarmed
we'll spirit him away without alarm
to lead a new life that will match his charm.
we'll send him off to Sweden where they'll take
away the balls he does not have, and make
Bin undergo a sex change, then he'll be
a Bimbo Laden who'll we'll soon set free
We'll feed bin hormones until he grows breasts
the size that Afghan men all love the best
His big brown eyes will glare from his smooth face
now free from hair, he'll face his next disgrace
We'll drape him all in black from head to toe
with veils and covered flesh...a fashion show
then on him we'll tattoo a big surprise
A U.S. flag inside his hairless thighs
Then when he looks just like a taliban girl
we'll fly him back across our troubled world
and leave him near the taliban's front line
perfumed but sweaty, he'll make quite a find
I'm sure he'll undergo a heavy session
like his Islamic women face oppression
he'll offer them a patriotic feast
and learn the pleasures of being a beast
No longer leading, humbly he will bow
they'll bend him over, and they'll teach him how
and maybe he'll know in his twisted brain
the way that they treat females is insane
He'll cry to Allah through a blur of pain
to grant him pardon but he will remain
a she forever on the desert plain
living a life debased, and quite profane.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------ --
All rights reserved, © MFB III productions, Artwhimsically Yours Studio & G-clef records. Copying without permission for non-personal use is forbidden.


Let's take a minute to analyze what war truly is, since we are still engaged in two massive incursions even after the death of the great satanic osama. War requires a seperation of sanity from one's soul, in a calculated and hopefully temporary amount of time. It is a necessary evil in order to rid the world of all the unecessary evil that exist. Even in a perfect world there is always a fist in the word paci-fist and an end in the wored fri-ends. Dictators rear their ugly heads and force those under them to butcher the innocent, inciting other countries to step in and try to resolve the barbaric behavior. Osama was bent on the destruction of America and all free nations, but now he is bent into rigor mortis and provides a banquet for the fish. Yet still we fight, and it is not for any other reason but to get home again and to get one's brother's-in-arms home as well. It is also fought under direct orders which if not followed in a time of war could result in one facing a firing squad...even today...even in the U.S.


A poem I wrote several years ago illustrates this best:

What War truly is about, to men dying there!


In the gritty, sweat encrusted screaming howls,
of a full frontal assault that represent encounters
between two men, opposite each other
by some leaders demands,
no one cares why they are there,

Nor what it means in the long run,
or how it will end.

They are simply trying to save themselves
and their brothers-in-arms.
Bullets are not propelled by political banners
that enlighten ones soul,
they are simply soft bits of metal
spinning into flesh and bone
and ricocheting off of organs and muscle,
like tiny chainsaws severing life.

Bayonets are not ways of cutting down
the level of disagreement between two countries,
rather they are quickly turned
to slip between the third and fourth ribs
to effectively miss any bone,
and damage the heart muscle and lung tissue
enough to incapacitate or cease forever
the life of the enemy.

And that wicked twist at the end,
that cuts even more flesh
as to make it irreparable,
is not because the man you are killing
is from some dictators army,
or because a presidential dodger of war
said they were a terrorist.

it is to prevent an enemy from killing
any more of the men you serve with, or yourself.

War is about survival,
most of the fighters are simple men
with families, hopes and dreams,
that have been interrupted by some
foolish idea of a quick solution...

that becomes most often a quagmire.

They just want to get home,
and kiss the wife and babies,
or the girlfriend,
and take up the plow,
or the ruler, or the keyboard
and resume a normal life.

And so they kill, and kill well,
but there is no glory in the act,.

if you take the L out of glory
you are left with gory,
just the shredded remains
of another human that you will
carry in your soul forever,
even if it was justified by war.

Men like bush and cheney and rove,

plus most of our senators and congressmans children

and yes, even Obama have never faced this dilemma,
They kills bills
and wound running mates

But In the heat of the battle,
color no longer matters,
parties are non-existent
patriotism is simply the ticket
that stuck you in a
life and death situation,
and heroes are forced into the grandeur,
simply by the need to preserve their own life,
or the lives of their fellowman.

It is a choice made
when nothing else will work,
with anger, regret, tinged with courage,
as one launches themselves over
the top of a grenade to save
the others who are fighting by them.


This is my vent against all those
who glorify the death in war

as an honored duty,
and patriotic servitude,

all those who never served....
it is simply survival
and a chance to get your ass home.

The rest of the hub-bub is for the glory hounds in D.C.

who seek votes for their courage in a battle they never see.

With the endless photo ops and their claims
of great successes and missions accomplished
and solving of the world's problem,
by giving hundreds of other good men
worse problems to solve by killing the causes
and being killed in the process.

Godspeed to the end of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq,

it is long past time to let our troops come home

and secure our own borders from any more reason to make war again.

A rant for those who glorify this current war.

Self righteous holders of truth
that got twisted and skewed to

the right or the left extreme....but yet they say
it still makes a pretty red white
and blue ribbon on their cars even as
they drive by a young vet hobbling
with half a face and one leg and one arm ,
trying to get home with some groceries,.

They will whip him, a salute but
never stop to render aid....
because their political

parties monthly meeting
is starting in ten minutes,

and they'd hate to miss a word.

Besides they justify in their minds

that he probably needs to exercise
that good leg anyway so he can get a job
and get off disability and buy more
and boost the economy.....

Then maybe he can


Thus is the mindset of many people
whose faces are covered in elephant dung,
and WHO are still wiping it off
in front of a loaded fan
and praising how well

things are moving along.


Meanwhile thousands of miles away

in the dead of pun intended

massive risks are undertaken in the

name of freedom for a race of people

who have always preferred oppression.


Packed like herrings
in the belly of the beast,
equipment nomenclature
and rosaries rattling,
armed and fully loaded
they squat on narrow benches,
wishing they were commodes,
two minutes to midnight,
target aqquired,
they rise like lemmings,
checking straps,
muttering prayers,
then they hurl ourselves outward,
in a midnight flight.

to a possible oblivion.


Missions in a never ending flow over desert skies

while many at home sip sugared concoctions at a tea party

and worship the glory and horror of it all from afar.

Initially it was unavoidable to go in and get osama and the taliban,

they had struck at the very heart of America, turning three parts of it's melting pot

into melting spots. We needed to move fast and furious. We needed a team of Navy Seals or Marine sharpshooters to go in on 9/15 or 9/16 2001 and blow out the brains of osama... because of the images he left us on the horrific day in our homeland.


) : ~Utter Sadness~ : (


The New York Skyline
with two broken teeth
: (
a lump of gold in the ashes
of a Pennsylvania field
wedding rings dissolved
when death did them part
: (
a black man

holding his





to be


as he

101 stories to his death
: (
firemen hearing the whump...
whUMP...wHUMP...W H U M P!!
of the floors collapsing above
them seconds before flattening them
knowing it is a stacatto of death
and still whispering comfort
to the fallen in those final seconds
: (
Todd Beamers prayers to Jesus unanswered
it was predestined that he
and others help destroy the final plane
: (
a woman standing at a bus stop..
the bus was late but thousands of gallons
of burning jet fuel took her on
a journey to her final destination
: (
Men who survived heavy fire
artillery barrages, mortars
grenades, and sure death in a war zone
killed by a civilian airliner
shot like a missile into the many sided
halls of legal death
P E N T A G O N E in an instant
: (
People complaining about a baseball strike
just a month before the first anniversary
of the worst strike on American soil ever seen
: (
some 2,889 immortal commom souls
ascending all at once
together in a wail toward the heavens
: (
19 terrorists instantly ripped limb from limb and
flung alive forever to burn in the bowels of hell
: (
Bin Ladens continued inhaling
of the same air I breath
: (
uttered in sadness
utter sadness
grips the world
like a black cloud it hangs
not just over Manhattan
but all the world
utter madness waits
in the shadows of cool caves
Taliban leaders
plotting evil and
beating around the Bush
..laughing at him
: (
it would be easier
to restore life to all
of those killed so
that they would live again
then it will be to bring
peace to the world
in which we live
the planet we so very much love
: (
August 28th, 2001


What saddens me most is that we still have half finished memorials to these precious Americans that were lost almost 10 years after the day. Sacred ground left raw for so long...why?? Rome wasn't built in a day, but it didn't take ten years. and one of our greatest memorials to 9/11 lies in sacred ground as well, under the thousands of additional crosses at Arlington, and other cemeteries all over this country. And another heart rending memorial lies far too often in thier own bodily wastes, in the many Veteran's hospital that dot the question mark futures of the thousands of maimed from two wars. So many head injuries from iED's that have left many permanently disabled. This is why I hate osama Bin laden so much. the incredible waste that his actions caused in the lives of our young.


Somewhere back in time ghosts still battle,
but they pause often to question why?
while the bones left in Arlington rattle,
when more young soldiers coffins go by.

At Veteran's hospitals yearly
in rows of beds men waste away.
each are prisoners of war,
left brain dead, comatose...
they fought for freedom
but it's here they will stay....

Do they still hear the echoes
of the big guns that thundered,
do their souls hope
someday it will cease
in the limbos they wander,
with their lives torn asunder,
in a world that can't seem to find peace.

An old hippie I knew said he's weary,
chasing peace he knows he'll never find,
he'd rather hunt down dictators,
as mankind's vindicator,
bringing hope, with one shot at a time.

And I'm thinking that maybe I'll join him,
Cause my country keeps losing it's way,
sacrificing our boys with orders to destroy
dictators who cause bankers disamy.

If it's all about oil, let some old warriors toil
save our youth for tommorrow's to come,
Just a couple of snipers, killing maggots and vipers
on a bucket list of things that need done.

Because our leaders??
sit and whine about unions,
cutting health care
and programs folks need,
when it's truly defense,
that's the greatest expense,
plus the tax cuts for corporate greed....
while in two useless wars boys still bleed.

Meanwhile moms in the wee hours are weeping,
holding photos of children who fell...
for two nations that hate them,
and will calmly outwait them,
till we bring our troops back from such hell.

No more hearing the echoes
of the big guns that thundered,
while lost souls hope
someday it will cease
in the limbos they wander,
with their lives torn asunder,
in a world that can't seem to find peace.

Let's take a break or two from Osama for a minute, preferably his arms and legs, and talk about weapons of mass destruction, the main reason we have been over there for so/too long. When the efforts to capture bin laden fizzled out, we rushed into another war, under skewed intelligence that said a sad damn man....Saddam Hussien had weapons of mass destruction and we needed to rush in there without proper body or Humvee armor for our troops and confiscate those deadly devices. Sadly the only deadly devices found where big surprises that turned out to be far more deadly. "IED'S planted everywhere! I wrote a rant on this fiasco and tragedy after I was sure they had exhausted their search for weapons of mass.


Was what???

Was weapons
well maybe
was grave
I'm a telling ya
situation was
ripe for peril
wasn't it??
well perhaps
well Dick
whattaya think??
are weapons
we'll find em
maybe soon
maybe not
maybe in powells colon
but not in Iraq.
kay says
no weapons but
there are
program related activities
like craft classes
and nuclear yoga??
or roadside bombmaking
and car detonations??
bush is whining
it's not
our fault
it was the intelligence
it was bad
just a mistake
"No kidding georgie
the intelligence
is astoundingly bad
right there
in the oval office!"
but.. but.. butt...we thought
they had something
hey we got saddam
doesn't that count
yo boneheads
518 and counting!!
no weapons of mass death
no biological reasons
no chemical reasons
but over 500 men
and women evaporated
due to a much more
dangerous weapon
S T U P I D I T Y !!

The greatest threat
to mankind ever. A deadly force.
Am-bushed into a quagmire by thier
and saddam
is no longer in charge
but men still die.
so many this week
so damn many
on and on
bomb by bomb.
tiny metal sharpnel
and some cheap explosives.
mind numbing
and now they want to mount
a spring offensive
in Afghanistan
maybe the weapons got
moved there
and bin is in a
spider hole in Iraq??
it's anybodies guess
and I guess the bodies
will keep piling up
until there's a mass
of destruction
reaped in flesh
and a small note in history
of bushes waterloo. <> Oh, I know everybody except God and the inspectors in Iraq knew there must be weapons of mass. Did you know that saddam hussien called President Bush the night before the invasion and asked for a truce. Just the facts, not the fox fabrications. Imagine if we had put all of those forces sent to Iraq, on the border of Pakistan and Afghanistan and left Iraq alone like we leave so many countries alone that have dictators killing off the civilian populations. We might nave gotten bin laden a long time ago. we might have even taken him at Torra Borra. alas over 4,000 men and women later and over ten thousand miamed, yet we are still there in Iraq..and back in Afghaniitan, for round two but hey, we got hussien and bin laden ??? Truth is we went there to establish footholds in the oil fields.... but I just paid $4.25 per gallon of gasoline and not a drop is from iraq??? what is wrong with that scenario?? <> Enough of politicking let's get back to osama even though he's gone. I need to relish his absence after ten years of waiting for the axe to fall. No better yet why waste my breath let's ponder the fallen from these two wars. <>


They are all heroes to me,
row upon row of battalions
laid out in horizontal formations,
dressed in fine wools
and bedecked with ribbons.

Here where their youth
moulders into rot,
underneath occasional
flags and flowers,
and endless crosses of white,
where they were crucified,
for some glorious cause,
long forgotten.

There are no explosions,
or bullet's whines
inside these gray metal coffins
where the only sound heard
is the tumble of the bones,
crumbling to dust.

The unknown dead
are the saddest,
no names mark their final
real estate on this planet,
a resting place to tuck them away,
as twenty-one shots are fired
in tribute to their passing.

Do they quiver or tremble
at those final blasts
when their spirits
hover over the grave.

Over 4,000 currently reduced
to hamburger as blind leaders
secure a foothold for oil,
in the Middle East,
will we remember them
when we pump carbon fuels
into our tanks
that do not kill
but simply transport us
to places they will never go.

Can you name even one who died,
picture his or her face,
shed a tear for their loss,
if so then you are a patriot.

I know of many
who took my place,
when the bullets went astray
bullets that held my name,
then changed their mind,
in a time not that long ago for me
but forever for them.

I broke the aluminum bracelet
of Major William H.Condit
that I had worn for many years,
as a reminder of his status
as a POW-MIA from Vietnam.

Shot down in the 60's
held prisoner for.....
God knows how long,
died in captivity,
and his bones were returned
sometime around 1997.
hope in shattered
shiny red pieces
adorned his grave that day,

And of another,
who recently died,
riddled with cancers,
he spoke of dreams to me once,
in colors that were magnificent,
but agent orange rusted them away.

He was a poet, unpublished,
because no cared
for his poems of war,
I hold some here,
haunting words
of another time,
another futile war,
that ground up 58,000 men,
before troops were withdrawn,
and chaos ensued.

History is a repeating echo,
that whispers softly through
the trees at Arlington,
and falls on deaf ears,
in the halls of the capital,
and in the hearts of
our commanders-in-grief.

Pray for peace,
and remember the fallen,
for they remembered you
when they breathed their last,
some clutched the flags
that you cross your hearts for,
before sucking down beer,
and chili dogs at
the baseball and football fields.

They took the flaming
shrapnel of death
in your place,
how often have you visited
their place,
where the quiet is so loud,
that you can actually
hear the whispers
of what could have been
rustling restlessly
in the well groomed grass.

It emanates daily
from the depths
of our nations
expendable losses
spent in lost causes,
even now as I write this poem.


Oh the dreaded cost in young souls, far more precious than oil......

ten trillion times more precious that the life of a skank like osama.

and then there are those unfortunate ones who took a flight into oblivion on 9/, women and children buckling up useless safety belts and settling in for what they though would be a short flight, and a continued journey onward with thier lives.



How many more Dads will be bagged in Baghdad??


How many more Dad's will be bagged in Baghdad??,
with black body bags zip locked over children's loneliness,
and grand children's love forever lost?
How many more sons will go down??,
and never rise again in this latest desert storm?
Loved ones at home will shed Sad tears undammed
by the reaping of Saddam's troops
on Bushes sacrifices to freedom
in third world kingdoms of oil.
Politicians will continue to Babylon, Babble on,
sad rhetoric about what could have been,
while blood flows thick through the dust
and into the banks of the Tigris and Euphrates.

Two Republican palaces have been rocked by casualties,
one pristine white and filled with regrets,
and one celebrating the martyrs from afar.
Post war struggles in the attempts to
drive post holes of democracy in an unstable land,
talk of Iraqification and less administration the process,
How many more Dad's will be bagged in Baghdad?
British and American, and Italian, and Spanish
carried out feet first.
Women and babies will wail,
because for every one guilty Iraqi killed,
many more innocent men will fall in the sands
and be absorbed back into their homeland.
The reign of terrorism is underway,
the sorting of who the real ones are has begun,
and many will die.

Many will kiss their wives ...their husbands..
and their children for the last time
as 1200 more are sent to be fodder, rather then father
Savor the sun, and the crisp winter air
and the glory of life.
Tomorrow brings black clouds and taps.
War is contagious and the minds
of many diseased men are spreading it.
There is no cure for it's madness,
it has afflicted us since the beginning of time.
God will eventually bend all swords into plowshares,
and render the earth back into an Eden,
purging every evil thing from his creations.
Then peace will truly reign.
Pray for that day and expect it as well.
Peace and love to all this sorrowful year,
my heart yearns to be doing something more,
but this is all it could express in it's limpid state.


<> and then there are the civilian casualties........

On an early Tuesday morning
that found us all just plodding through
our collections of daily events,
routines we knew by heart
fate handed us volumes of grief,
its latest works revealed
its twisted tales of sorrow,
topped the list of "Horror's worst"
directly underneath September's
most tragic release
that held a total of:
one hundred ten stories....
......times two.

Therein lie thousands of
epics still unheard
all are bound but left unfinished
with works both great,
and small henceforth erased. <>
here are torn the pages of
so many yet unwritten lives
amidst the ashes....
.........................fluttering down
as their sundry souls...enmasse
have all ascended much too early
to the afterlives
as promised by their faiths.

what remains are countless chapters
now forevermore left blank
from what once were charming
chronicles of ordinary lives.\

Moms, Dads, the young,
the single, working everyday
the seniors too, grandparents
going about thier daily tasks
all of them breathing,
blending, moving
in the balmy morning breezes
of an Indian Summer's fragrance.

Rising from that melting pot
of New York city's steel,
and concrete canyons

Biographies once unfolding
hopes and dreams they'd shared
were quickly slammed shut
with great trembling shudders
leaving only ribbons of red
to bookmark where they had left off .

all those dear folks who by
great force were condensed
into one group
in an anthology of horror
by the authorship of fate
monstrously penned by madmen
in the blood of innocence
The saga of man-kind???
continues on, and on each day
with all it's precious loves
it's joys, and yes..........
it's cruelities too
over 3,000 tales closed
when terror reared it's hideous head.

except for the endless sequels
left behind......labours of love
babies, children, and grandchildren
must share in the re-telling
of the families final chapters.

all those awful, dog-eared pages
edges burned, abruptly ended
with their loved ones ripped away
scattered evermore asunder
all across ill winds of grief.



"Yet from sorrows
hearts grow stronger
recreating love that's gone
let's purge hateful plots
and strive to write
their futures safe from wrong
eradicating those who'd harm us
in their absence we'll move on
as Americans, now unafraid
still free, still proud
still strong.

=***= =***= =***= =***= =***= =***= 9/14/2001-MFB III

I will be adding to this site on Bin laden a little bit each week until the 10th anniversary of 9/11 comes. If you got this far.......Thanks for listening. MFB III Productions ~ArtWhimsically Yours Studio.



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    • Twilight Lawns profile image

      Twilight Lawns 

      7 years ago from Norbury-sur-Mer, Surrey, England. U.K.

      I have just read and marvelled once again at your poetry. Amazingly beautiful... Beautifully written.

    • Debarshi Dutta profile image

      Debarshi Dutta 

      7 years ago from Calcutta

      Someone found peace at last!!. Good

    • debugs profile image


      7 years ago from Odessey777, Umbris

      Life is precious BUT the moment you take the lives of others with more intent to kill you lose your humanity and your life to life as well. He deserved it.

    • SilentReed profile image


      7 years ago from Philippines

      Osama bin ladin will eventually be yesterday's news.His use of religion to justify acts of terrorism against humanity isn't the first nor will it be the last But like all those before him,his name will be associated with much loathsome in the dustbin of history.

    • Rossimobis profile image

      Chibuzo Melvin Mobis 

      7 years ago from Nigeria

      I am a muslim do not panic, it is one God-one Allah. One enemy out of the picture.

      "If i have to die,it would rather be by the bullets".

      A Wish come true, thanks to Mr Obama who gave the order and to the courageous military guys whom i termed the REVOLUTIONISTS. Hail Mary!

      Peace MFB III

    • Twilight Lawns profile image

      Twilight Lawns 

      7 years ago from Norbury-sur-Mer, Surrey, England. U.K.

      I don't think this is ended. I know many Muslims, and not one of them is unhappy about his death. But several of them think that maybe he is not. This will run and run.

      Thank you for not once blaming Islam. This man was not a follower of Islam at all. He, and his kind, are deranged... but so dangerous.

    • chuckandus6 profile image

      Nichol marie 

      7 years ago from The Country-Side

      I am glad that they finally got him but I am worried about those crazy followers planning more terrorists attacks and just makes me worry

    • K. Burns Darling profile image

      Kristen Burns-Darling 

      7 years ago from Orange County, California

      Osama Bin Laden was an evil manical madman. I look forward to reading more by you.


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