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Biography Of Mistressoflove

Updated on September 14, 2013


Hello readers! The purpose of this biography is not to become a robot and go on and on about myself. Boring you with details that is not really important (Hell, when i open a book i only read a couple of lines about the author then skip to reading the book!). I really truly feel though that it is important to share some information about myself with my readers. So that you know where I am coming from when I publish new articles. With that being said let me just tell you that I am without a doubt a Boss Chick. I know someone of you maybe thinking that i'm being cocky here. Or might wonder if I'm going to put pictures of myself with 100 dollar bills stuffed in my bra. Well no I'm not. What I mean by a Boss Chick is that I am woman that believes in what I stand for. So what do I stand for? I'm a believer in Open Mindedness. I don't like being chained to one belief. Because I personally know there always could be something more logical and reasonable out their. You won't see it though if your close minded. I also stand in belief of being confident and loving yourself. I know confidence is sexy. How can anyone love you if you don't love yourself? Your just going to push them away. I don't think I'm a supermodel but I love myself for all my imperfections because if I was a supermodel I'd probably be so unhappy inside. Anyways, I also stand for stopping hating on others. Their is a lot you can learn from those that are so envious of you. As for religion, let me just say i believe in hearing the word and taking the information from it. Although i'm not going around preaching something I can't even live up too. Last but not least, I believe in getting money. I mean we all got to eat right? I'm not a mean chick and go bullying others but if you get in my way of what I need to do. Then your holding me back. So then I'ma have to warn you to move or be moved. Simple. :)

Confidence is sexy!!!  3
Confidence is sexy!!! 3


Alright so let me get this little bit of information over quick and painless, okay? I am a MOTHER before anything. I have a beautiful 3 year son. I'm 22 1/2 years old. I'm from Rhode Island, United States. I like pop music, rock, rap, r&b, and some country. Also depending on my mood I also like gospel music (my music selection widely depends on my mood at the moment). I have NOTHING against gay people. Personally I believe if your happy then its none of my business. Although, I just prefer to be straight. :) I have been in lots of really wild relationships that ended bad, mutually, and reckless (to brush the paint lightly). A lot of my articles are about relationships because personally I am one of those people that if I played with fire and got burned. Then trust me, I learned my lesson. I have also studied behavioral science, psychology, and early stages of childhood. Some of my articles will typically reflect what i have learned while others will come from personal experience. I am still learning from books and real life. All of my articles though is backed up by research that is done by me personally. (I don't like feeding people garbage) Yup so that about covers it. (laughs)

Final words..

Thank you for reading this article and I hope I have provided you with enough information about myself that you can get an idea of where I come from. I just wanted to add that writing articles to me is my PASSION. It is something I do daily because it makes me happy. I always wanted to write a book and maybe someday I will. For now anyways if you want to leave some comments at the bottom of the page asking me anything your more than welcome too. I don't bite! (unless...) Well anyways until next time! ciao! :)


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