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Bipolar/a poem

Updated on June 1, 2012


The lonely darkness fades into light,but within my broken soul it will forever be night.

I watch them sleep,so unaware of the danger, they think they know me, but inside lives a stranger.

The beast lashes out in angry, hateful rage, how long the monster will scream, is hard for me to guage.

Into the depths of blackness I fall into the pit, crying out in anguish, alone in the corner I sit.

The pupet wears a smile, and my heart begins to dance, I travel a dangerous road, taking this reckless chance.

Chaoas and peace forever holding hands, this is my world, where good and bad stand.

The image of bipolar reflected back at me,the face in the mirror, has becom my enemy.


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    • Tallgardener profile image

      Tallgardener 5 years ago from Somerset, UK

      I totally understand the feelings being expressed here. No one can fully understand what it is like to suffer from this illness. Thanks for sharing :)