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Birth Of A Legend

Updated on May 10, 2013

It All Begins After Wendy's

It’s Friday night, November 21, 2008, it is the night that has forever gone down in history as one of our most memorable, troublesome journeys that we have ever experienced. It was a night full of tears, vomit, and joy; tears from all of our laughing, vomit from the smell that oozes from the swamp and water treatment plan, and joy from us being alive to enjoy this event. It was the night that my cousin Juan Gabriel Lau, became the legendary “Gaby the Bear Cub”, hibernating through all of our mishaps, like a mama bear hibernates during the winter.

It is 9:30 pm; Juan, Wilfy, and I leave Wendy’s and enter on to the north onramp for the turnpike. Our destination is one hundred and forty-six point seven miles north to Yeehaw Junction, where we are going to take care of a business transaction. Twenty minutes after getting on the Don Shula Expressway, and after gorging himself for his hibernation, Juan retires into the hoodie that’s on the back seat and enters into his hibernate state. The first thing we encounter along our journey to Yeehaw Junction is the horrific smell that the swamp exudes after the sun has settled over the horizon on our half of the planet. It was such a strong and pungent smell, that the rolled up windows where no match for what the swamp had to offer and that was just the beginning of our troubles.

Two hours into our journey, we arrive at our destination where we meet with our business associate and exchange our goods. After an hour of talking and verbal banter towards the hibernating man, we make a quick pit stop for gas, snacks, and drinks, and continue in our journey. Thirty minutes into our drive back home, a series of random comical events proceeded to unfold.

As I was driving, the car all of a sudden started to shake like Chunk doing the truffle shuffle. I knew right away, what was causing the uncontrollable shaking of the car. I pulled the car over onto the shoulder, woke up Wilfy, and told him we had a flat tire. I got out and examined the damage while Wilfy got out the spare tire. To our surprise, it was not a flat tire but a huge lump that had developed on the tire. We took off the tire and put on the spare, and went on our merry way. Not even a mile down the road, the spare tire went flat. Realizing what happened we started laughing. So I pulled over again to assess the damage, it turns out all the spare needed was some air. Being without a choice, we had to drive to the next exit and find a gas station.

After getting lost looking for a gas station and finally finding one, we were unable to fill the spare tire with air, because the bead of the tire came off the rim. Again, we looked at each other and laughed, we thought we would have to sleep in the car and wait for Tire Kingdom to open, so we can get a new tire, but since I am a genius, I remembered about a little trick we car enthusiast use to get small tires onto wide rims. By using a strap down harness to apply the needed pressure on the beads of the tire and create a seal so that the air does not escape. OK, now we have a plan, but its two thirty in the morning and everything is closed in this little town called Fort Pierce.

Where is Wal-Mart? We asked, their everywhere like 7-Eleven. Out comes the phone and a quick search is done on Google maps. “Eureka!” I shouted, “Google said there’s one just down the road”, so we got in the car and proceeded in the direction towards the infamous Wal-Mart. We pull into the parking lot, parked, and tried to awaken the slumbering man bear Juan, but no luck. So we left him in the car with the windows down, and the keys in the ignition; joking about how funny it would be if someone stole the car with Juan sleeping in the back seat.

As we walked around Wal-Mart, we saw Guitar Hero 3 and decided to play for a while, until some short drunken Irish guy showed up with twelve sober friends and started playing with us. It was pretty funny; the drunken Irish midget’s friends got him drunk on purpose while they were sober as a skunk, and they just sat there laughing at his foolish antics and comments about how good Taco Bell was. After a few minutes of playing Guitar Hero 3 with our new found friend we decided to go our separate ways, well that’s what I thought, for some reason the drunken Irish midget came charging at me, and jumped on my back like if I was a horse back at his homeland in Ireland. I know it looked funny to see this little man on the back of a big guy; it was like I was Mount Everest and he was a hiker trying to reach the top. After that awkward citation we purchased the strap and went to the nearest gas station, and finally got some air in the spare tire, now it’s time to head home. ....

The conclusion of our adventure

Six hours. It took us six hours to drive 146.4 miles; we might as well have been in a horse drawn wagon with how long it took us to drive home. Juan did not wake up until we stopped at a Blockbuster/IHOP to eat, as soon as he heard its chow time; he awakened from his state of hibernation. Juan the hibernating bear cub missed one of our greatest adventures. It was a night full of laughter, vicious attacks from the swamp, flat tires, and drunken Irish midgets. It truly was one of the greatest nights that we have ever experienced. It was the night that my cousin Juan Gabriel became a legend, the night when, Juan Gaby the bear cub was born.


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