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Birth of a Legend Pt.1

Updated on February 22, 2018

From the moment I opened my eyes I felt something shift all around me; something that sent chills through my body. I knew something was going to happen, and I arose from my bed cautiously.

I slowly walked down the dim hallway to the entrance of the living room, sliding my hand against the wall. Suddenly, a small piece of wood fell on my shoulder. Startled, I looked up. A large chunk of the ceiling was coming loose, so I dove quickly to the far-left side of the hallway. I crouched tightly against the wall shielding my face from the debris. CRASH! A whole section of the roof caved in, and to my surprise, three ninjas flipped through the large gap in the ceiling, and landed in the middle of the living room.

“Kill her now,” the biggest one said aggressively. He was dressed in dark clothing like the others, but had a silver dragon across his chest.

“Yes master!”

Obediently, one of the ninjas came running at me with a closed fist. I sprang forward and grabbed his legs. He lost his balance, and before he had a chance to get up, I kicked him passionately in the back of the head. His neck snapped. The second ninja did not waste any time. He attacked me from the rear, grabbing my neck. I smashed his toes with my heel, and I felt his bones break. He let out a loud scream, and loosened his grip slightly. I took advantage of his pain and snatched his wrist, twisting it around his back. I then kicked him in the left calf, making him fall to his knees. Mercilessly, I round-housed him in the face. I looked down, and saw blood on my sock.

I looked up slowly at the ninja master. His face was expressionless. We started walking towards each other. Swiftly, he leaped into the air and came down like a rocket, kicking me in the face so hard that it sent me through the wall into my parent’s room. Weakened, I got up and touched my lip. It was hot and moist. I knew that I was in over my head. Scared and hurt, I picked up a brick from the broken wall and threw it at him, with all my strength. The brick hit him in the head and he stumbled, giving me a chance to run to my bedroom. I shut the door and barricaded it with a heavy, wooden chair. Without hesitation, I reached under the bed and pulled out some of my remaining Fourth of July fireworks and a lighter. I could hear the footsteps of the ninja master coming towards the door, and I waited for the right moment. As soon as I heard the knob rattle, I moved the chair and flung the door open.

“Boom-Boom Baby! ” I snarled, kicking him in the stomach.

I threw the fireworks at him and shut the bedroom door quickly. Five seconds later I heard something hit my door. Carefully, I opened it and stepped into the hall.

All I saw was what was left of the three ninjas, and the beautiful blue sky. I looked down and I saw the ninja leaders robe. I bent over and picked it up. I put it on and felt a special kind of energy flow through my body. Walking to what used to be the front door, I took one look back and began to walk down the street.

© 2015 Shauntoray Grisby


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