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Birthday Cake

Updated on April 19, 2015

Cream, sugar, sprinkles.

A special treat at least

once a year. A special day.

A very special way to

celebrate life with family,

friends, and no strife. A

day to do whatever one

likes down to entertaining

the tykes. Perhaps have

an open mic for toasts?

Make the most of the

day as all around the

world there are those

who don't reach that age.

It doesn't make one a

sage of wisdom and

learning. Elsewhere, crops are

burning, people go hungry.

War is brewing, stewing.

People re dying and

are not so privileged. Envy

rears its head in the stead

of happiness and peace.

Celebrate life rather than

cause strife, as no one is

better than anyone else.

This is a time to be

grateful. So enjoy a plateful!


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