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Birthday Deathbed

Updated on December 6, 2015

Scott... Shreds,

off on a new journey, you will truly bee missed, friend,

think about tomorrow, pretend,

I am, I run, thru the world, eats you up inside, offend,






abuse, who's, noose, can you see, blend,

in, a child, bring you back to life, burn, defend,

fight life, can you know, do you comprehend???

core energy... Free from your hand, send,

holy water, well, lend,

can you go... sink into the holes in my eyes, tears have been,

have been dreaming, down you go, dripping through skin,

around full circle, click & begin,

again, search within,

songs sing wind,

symbols, tin,

crash, am I dreaming, asleep, needles & pins,

spring share shadow, web wins,

20:33 ' I ', yea, sorrow, tips,

take time, slippery slope, slick,

slip witch, broomstick twitch,

wounded hand drawing sand, switch,

blade, rage, I like to steel, bitch,

half the man I used to bee, wishes have all been wished,

yea, still got far to go, levy wall swished,

swimming, out with the fish,

damn wall wood fall if not for all the sound stitches,

finger twitches,

into tomorrow, & I feel it-itches,

dry hives filling with life, to find it, nectar switches,

into an ageless form, quickest,

hey everybody... I'll just lie hear for awhile, alright now what... Jam this...

loud, wrong man wrong man wrong, think too much, raised fist!!!

get away, while I'm thinking, I'm a rollin', wheel's don't trip,

know where to run, no where to hide, farmer marauder, shit,

I want to bee as big as a mountain, chair lift,

swift, brisk, sit,

enjoy the view... Sing that song inside, fly as high as the sun, where the river goes flow's into the unknown, spit,

that's it... Gone, as quick, as, the breeze is swift,

this' all I can say... You Will Bee Missed!!!


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