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Birthday Haikus for Trisha

Updated on March 12, 2012

Birthday Haikus for Trisha

Thirty six years past

Said yes to my bended knee

My wife and my love

Her birthday’s today

Number is not important

Celebration is

Twenty six, forty

Fifty one or more, to me

The years don’t matter

Twinkling and crinkling

Reveal joy and peace inside

Smiling sky blue eyes

Maybe a wrinkle

Here and there, though mostly there

Lines of character

A crying baby

The doctor spanked her bottom

Oh, a few years back

Many years ahead

Quite hale and hearty is she

Just catching her stride

Her heart big enough

For me and our family

True love bubbles forth

The price we all pay

A creaky knee now and then

Still motors along

A wellspring of love

A steadfast and sustaining

Source of wonderment

Whatever he gives

Affection, kindness and love

She returns tenfold

Time stops for no one

And shaking its hoary fist

She is not impressed

Life in grand parade

Blessings, travails, and all else

Taken in stride

Years may threaten some

Raging, railing with hot breath

She is unperturbed

Her existence has

Made me a better person

Debt to be repaid

Eases through the years

She’s kind to them, they to her

Just what she deserves

Good morning Trisha

Today we celebrate you

Happy birthday, Love


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    • profile image

      win-winresources 5 years ago from Colorado


      I'm glad I could introduce you to my wife.


    • BeyondMax profile image

      BeyondMax 5 years ago from Sydney, Australia

      Such a heart warming creation!

    • profile image

      win-winresources 5 years ago from Colorado

      Hi Sturgeonl-

      She's a sweetheart. I'm a very lucky man. Our almost 36 year union has, indeed, been blessed with health, happiness, laughter, two beautiful children and long lived parents.

      I'm thankful every day.


    • Sturgeonl profile image

      Sturgeonl 5 years ago

      What an absolutely beautiful poem to your wife. She is very lucky to have such a wonderful expression relayed to her. God Bless your Union.