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Bitter Words

Updated on January 30, 2012

Your words slice through my soul.

Must it be this way?

Perhaps it’s only me

Affected this way.

I have logic, reason.

But emotion blurs it

When I foster and tend

To those in my life.

Openings occur

For exchange to commence

Then razor sharp words

Slip inside the fence.

They nick and cut places

Unbeknownst to me.

Wounds arise in spaces

Causing harm unforeseen.

The people who love me

Thought they were helping.

Was there a point to make?

Or their pains drift out…

With pure motives or not,

All have such venom

To those in their circle.

How can we stop it?

Stick and stones we are told,

Are what can hurt us,

While words are left behind.

Does this work for anyone?

Years pass, baggage builds,

Character tested,

In various fields.

I, at last, implode.

Those lesions abounded,

Can’t hide anymore,

I have to be strong now,

To heal nasty wounds.

Affect changes I must,

Accept my core being,

The pieces of me that

Are whole and unique.

Unfortunate for me,

It all came at once,

Those blades of discomfort,

To appraise and report.

I hid them far too long,

For as I cleared out,

I found my soul a void,

Empty…back to start.

To rebuild from nothing,

That, I’m told to do.

Find what I love inside,

Keep it, hold onto.

Can anyone be whole,

After such turmoil?

Is happy possible,

With oneself or another?

I fear there is naught left,

Now after ripping,

Those shards of destruction,

Inside dark places.

Is the goodness inside?

It’s supposed to be

Perhaps hiding also,

A place I can’t see.

Feeling such angst and woe,

Can it get much worse?

I hope it’s not so,

As I search the universe.

Looking to the Light side,

Fun, honor, joy, bliss,

For the pride in myself,

Other elements I miss.

I know I felt good once

Before, now & then

At times when my soul was

Less burdened with stains.

There must be ways to mend

Darkness and despair

I’m told Time is master

For cases like these.

I hope so.


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