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Black Angel

Updated on November 11, 2011

Do you believe in guardian angels?

Black angel, angel of my dream, the greater I believe, the closer we seem. I call you black, because you absorb the light, without encomposing the ray that shines over my life. I can't hear your voice, for it's a silent whisper, that turns the light of glory to a beautiful picture. No one compares to the heavenly connection I hold so dear or your glorified heat that penetrates my ears. I give you full access to help me succeed and acknowledge your presence in my life to believe. You are the guardian angel that I feel always near, stirring the troubled waters in this life that I fear. I'll never stop entertaining you or act unaware of the sweet aroma that you leave in the air. You're my protective shield that watches over me, to assist in the battles against my enemy. Yes, my guardian angel in the highest sincerity, watching over my life, my health and prosperity. Thank you black angel, my angel up there, for guiding my blessings and the bond that we share.


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