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Black Forest Asylum part 2

Updated on March 16, 2014

A Well Told Story

3. “Once upon a time, there was a beautiful girl named Adele.”

“Oh, C’mon!” I yelled this, unbelievably annoyed at the introduction. My father gave me a warning look and I bit my tongue.

“When Adele turned thirteen, her whole life changed. She moved from a cozy country home in Michigan to a well-populated urban neighborhood somewhere in New England. Her little sheltered self, was now forced to be exposed to the craziness of her neighbors, new school, and life as a whole. She was just thirteen, and at the age where all her insecurities seemed to be haunting her every single day. She was not yet beautiful and not yet ready for such a social life. But as time passed, she passed through life barely surviving her depression spawned from said change, and one day when she was now fifteen, she woke up, looked into the mirror and noticed something. She was no longer ugly. She had finally grown out of her chubby, acne faced self and into a considerably beautiful young lady.

Adele thought that this was the cure to finally becoming a normal, happily social girl. And that was the first morning she felt the odd and foreign feeling of contentment.

When she entered her chaotic and usually perverse setting at school, she felt the remnants of the fear she had dealt with for two years, but shrugged it off. After all she was beautiful now. What could she possibly have to be afraid of?

It was a very strange day for Adele, though, for no one treated her any differently, rather when she walked past the usually bullying group of guys, they would make jokes about her weight, and when she would sit at her usual table, the mean girls approached her with their usual sarcastic comments about her ever getting a date. Adele could not understand how they could all see her as ugly, when she knew that she no longer was. And this went on for a whole week. Finally, and good for her, Adele got fed up with such meanness and lies, and on Friday, she stood up to all who claimed she was ugly.

‘How dare you! How dare you say that I will never get a date because I’m ugly and too fat? I’ll have you know that I am beautiful, I can see what I look like in the mirror, you know? Why can’t you just leave me alone?’

Adele spoke this into a mirror in the bathroom.

‘Who are you speaking to?’ A very cute brunette came out of a stall and asked curiously. Adele turned around embarrassed that someone had caught her speaking to herself.

‘Oh, I was speaking to everyone at the awful school who only talks to me when they want to make me feel horrible about myself. Why does everyone think I’m ugly?’

‘Considering, I’ve never seen you before, I don’t know why. You are just as beautiful as the next girl. A little strange, but not ugly’ this cute brunette spoke kindly, ‘My name is Cassidy.’

‘Cassidy, thank you.’

‘No problem, but I doubt you’ll ever get a date,’ Cassidy suddenly turned on her, her voice now mocked whatever friendship that had existed. Adele turned out of shock to face what she thought might have been a friend, but Cassidy had disappeared. Confused, Adele buried her head in her arms and sat in the corner of the bathroom and cried. It seemed like she was sitting in that bathroom forever, when she heard a soft male voice.

‘Hello? I didn’t know anyone was in here.’ Adele looked up and saw an attractive young man with a mop standing in front of her. Her face was stained with tears and she looked pathetic, but this pathetic look caused this young man to feel so much pity. The girl that he saw was beautiful and needed to be saved from whatever was causing her to feel sad. He bent down beside her.

‘Did someone hurt you?’ He asked she looked at him, and didn’t speak; she simply touched his face as though making sure he was real, ‘Are you ok?’ Adele nodded and struggled to stand up. The young man helped her holding on to her arm.

‘What is your name?” She asked, looking into this man’s face was like looking into an angel’s.

‘I’m Lewis, do you need any help getting anywhere?’ He was eager to help this beautiful girl. Adele couldn’t understand his kindness and chose to believe that he was just a fragment of her imagination.

‘I know how to get home,” she spoke wiping away the moisture on her cheeks. Her vulnerability hid behind her fear and she couldn’t look into the beautiful man’s eyes. He, though, still looked searchingly at her face.

‘I want to help you…you seem very disturbed. Did someone hurt you?’

‘Are you real?’


‘Are you real? Because lately I have begun realizing so many things that I thought were real, aren’t real, and if you’re not real, then you’ll just leave me. Leave me like Cassidy and every once else. I really can’t bear being left again. I need real,’ Adele rambled on, her face starred at the bathroom floor and her mind searching for something that could be coherent. Lewis starred at her, listening very closely to every word she spoke.

‘Adele, if I told you what was real, I’m sure you wouldn’t believe me.’

‘I didn’t tell you my name,’ Adele finally looked up. Lewis sighed.

‘No, but it is on your name tag. And I’ve heard about you. The beautiful girl that lives in a world of sadness,’ Lewis leaned in as he spoke, trying to get Adele to listen and understand. Adele looked at her apparel and suddenly and never before found a laminated name tag clipped on to the bottom of her shirt. Memories flooded into her body. Her eye lids fluttered and her mouth opened and closed, letting out each needed breath.

‘I’m back.’

‘I’m glad, Adele, but you know it can’t keep being like this. You know that your illness will keep getting worse and worse, if you don’t obey me, us, the people that just want to help you, the people that love you.’

4. “So what is going on? So far nothing scary has happened and I am just really confused! Adele, or whoever, is insane?” I spoke indulging in a chocolate peanut butter sandwich. My father laughed.

“Yes, you got it. Adele suffered from a very complex case of schizophrenia.”

“And who is Lewis?”

“The only real person in her life that truly loved her,” Mother answered, looking at her husband, they shared a solemn glance.

“ Lewis was with Adele every moment of her insanity. And at the end of it all, Adele convinced herself that even Lewis was not real. One day as he approached her, in the way he always did to give her a kiss on her forehead, Adele thrust a piece of broken glass into his side. Adele killed the only person that was real and now she was, or is all alone,” Father spoke, and then added, “She disappeared after her murder, after realizing that Lewis was in fact real, his blood and body were truly tangible. She ran away and found comfort in this cave.”

“No! How do you know?” I spoke up, highly disturbed and uncomfortable. Father looked at me.

“Because she is now sixty years old and living at our very own insane asylum, she was found by my father, starving and more lost than ever.”

“Dad, is her real name Adele, did you name me after her?”

“Of course not my dear,” Father answered, but then grinned mischievously, “We just liked the name.”


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    • Becky Katz profile image

      Becky Katz 

      4 years ago from Hereford, AZ

      Good story, I will be watching for more.

    • Frank Atanacio profile image

      Frank Atanacio 

      4 years ago from Shelton

      a very interesting saga kinda.. good plot line.. good story..:)


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