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Black Night, Black Cat

Updated on December 20, 2016
Photo by Bazooka Teaches. Photo of his cat Chepe
Photo by Bazooka Teaches. Photo of his cat Chepe

Dark night!

Dark cat!

Dark everything!

The black cat was lurking about its usual path for the night looking for a dirty rat to play with. It would have even settled for a nest with a sleeping bird. It wasn’t looking for food, because it was a house cat that had food in its belly. It was always let go by its inebriated owner at night, so it could get its nightly freedom. It’s nightly breath of killer instincts.

The black cat usually walked out the front door when its owner, its loving-drunken master, walked in from his nightly revelry. It always waited and waited for that special time of the night, listening for the turn of the key. Once it happened, the black cat expelled itself to the night.

The secrets that ran through the night in that block were only exposed to the black cat.

The secrets!

It was a Norwegian Forest mix with yellow eyes, cold like ice. Its collar was black as well, decorated with cross-bones. Its master bought the collar when it was only three weeks old. The black cat’s master found it when he was in a drunken stupor walking home one cold night. The cat, a kitten then, was in a beer box left to die. In the end, the black cat was forgiven its life by a careless, bohemian drunk.

The black cat always trotted its usual path and hid from all human contact except its master’s call. It stopped under a car across the street from the master’s house. It knew better not to cross the open space when bright lights came its way. Those noisy metal lugs always made its black dilated eyes turn golden yellow when it looked directly at them. Once clear, it made its way to the corner of the street.

There it waited.

It waited.

It waited and sat.

It was the perfect Halloween cat wagging its tail with excitement. It was waiting for a fortunate moment, a gift from the night.

The night was foggy and very lonely.

It contemplated.

The secrets!

“Hey kitty!” the cat turned its head and saw a man sitting on the curve leaning against the corner street lamp across the street. The light was flickering faintly. The cat made a slight movement as if to run away.

“Don’t go kitty!” the stranger desperately called.

The cat looked at the silhouette move about. It had to gain the stranger’s trust. The man was too far away to make any killer moves.

“Come here kitty!”

The stranger’s shadow moved slowly.

The cat just sat there and stared.

The man had a bottle of whisky and was drinking it like it was the last in the miserable, hellish world he was living in.

“Screw you then!”

The man was mumbling.


Fire breath!

The cat sat there staring with its cold eyes. The cat studied the situation and decided to cross the street to meet this large nomad. Once it was close, the cat sat just out of reach.

“You walk elegantly,” said the stranger.

A glorious comment, but the cat was oblivious of such things.

“A beautiful cat,” he added.

The cat stared.

Ice cold!

The secrets!

Slightly purring, but the man could not hear the beautiful vibrations due to his dizzy spells.

The spirits!

The cat liked him.

“Come here kitty,” he commanded it, “I want to pet you.”

The black cat stared.

The man smiled.

The cat felt trust in this poor nomad.

It was a dark night.

The black cat eased close enough for the man to stretch his arm and feel the top of its head.

The black cat purred.

“A black cat with cross-bones,” the man said. Then he looked directly at the black cat’s dilated deep black eyes. The man stared as he softly rubbed the cat’s head with the top of his fingers as if caressing the cat.

It was a dark night.

“My little Angel of Death!”

The cat purred.

The man made a wicked frowning smile as if he had rancid thoughts running through his head.

Melancholy was growing in the man’s heart.

A tear fell from the man’s left eye.

Dark miserable melancholy!

“You’re my last…” he stopped.

The man reached in his black dirty jacket and brought out a gun. The cat stared at the shiny revolver, .38 special.

Its eyes glimmered.

The man pointed the gun at the cat right between its eyes.

“Bang!” the man pretended to shoot the cat.

The cat was spooked and retreated from the man, turned and went down the dim-lighted sidewalk. Half a block down, the cat turned to look back at the man—in shock.

Trust vanished.

The man laughed with heavy tears in his eyes. The flickering light from the street lamp made heavy shadows upon his twisted face.

The man smiled with his heavy face and said to the cat, “You were my last caress!”

He put the gun to his mouth and pulled the trigger.

The secrets!

The loud noise made the cat jump and run away definitely.

The black cat shared many secrets with the black night.


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