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Black Rose: A Poem Inspired by Kamelot

Updated on May 29, 2012

Black Rose

When we met I was fifteen,

A black rose in my own right

Watching the world as I waited, unseen

A shadow of the night

He came like the full moon,

Beautiful and bright

The cold dissolved to ashes,

The darkness gone from sight

My heart burned like a fire,

My soul burned bright

Now we tempt desire

As we wander through the night


This is a poem I wrote about me and my boyfriend, inspired by the song "Love You to Death" by Kamelot. One of the lyrics is "when they met she was fifteen, like a black rose blooming wild" and I sorta took those lyrics and ran with them, like I do occasionally. This poem just kind of formed around those lines as an image that I could see in my head just came to life on the paper.


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