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Black & White VS Colors

Updated on June 17, 2013

Black & White VS. Colors

Before I met YOU, my life was as colorful as it could get. Everything was beautiful and unbreakable. The people I had met, the people I had been with were the pieces to my heart.

When I stepped into your life, my life was still colorful. I created a video in my head of YOU the night I met you and a song as the background. Girly, ugly, pretty, boyish, didn't matter that night. I made the exception of turning YOU into my queen. Into the most beautiful woman I had EVER seen. Even though in reality, you weren't.

When I started to go over to your house, I started to notice how ugly you could make yourself seem. It was my beautiful, colorful world against your plain black and white world. Ofcourse, your words, your ways, and your experiences made my world's colors fade very slowly.

As the months past us by, we started to see the wall between us. Our worlds were at war. It pushed yours when yours pushed mine away. Our love for eachother could not compare to the size of that wall. Now we stand on opposite sides of that thick layer looking into eachother's eyes while our worlds fight eachother. I feel like I'm trying to brake through that glass wall to hold you, to kiss you, to keep you. But the wall is only weak with TWO.

I try to stop my colors from fighting to create peace with your army, but YOU stay on your Black & White side looking away in slow motion. It was then when I realized, It was too late.

Your BLACK & WHITES now not only had control over your mind, but your heart as well. I see you moving, but your heart isn't functioning. "IF there's any love for me in your head, maybe THEN, you'll realize that you still love me. That I might be different than the others but I'm still worth it."

In reality you are 25 and I am 20. You've experienced much more than I have. You dislike my naive ways and you have no patience for my slow mind. But there was once a day when I was beautiful enough, when I was too sweet to let go of. In REALITY I can't possibly keep you unless your head was to magically RESET itself.

As I step back giving up on the love I have for you, your army of BLACKS & WHITES defeat every COLOR I ever had, and stepped into my body. As my head is slowly downloading your virus into itself, my heart beats and pleads that you look into my eyes to realize that I'm in pain and safe me. To safe who I am and make my world beautiful again..

I'm slowly dying as the person I was....I'm slowly turning into the person YOU are.

Will you EVER safe me from it?


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