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Black and White- A Romantic Poem about loving a wife

Updated on March 2, 2013

As always...Dedicated to my wife, Love You Jess. =)

Title: Black and White

It's what you make inside me
My heart skips a mile knowing
Each time we share fulfillments kiss
A keeper to each dream and wish
Cause with every breath I take
I'm here reminded forever missing
That life could never be without you

The streets deserted with pale winds
Shadows trail the hopeless times
Walking narrow alleys half blind
Cause I'm missing you and needing you
With every breath I soon release
A letter of promise ill keep
Cause in the end it's me and you
Faced off with a world that's cut in two

There's the black and the white
Then there's the wrong and the right
Then there's just meant to be
So baby take my hand; let's find the ways
Whether it takes hours or countless days
It's a path worth taking to the end of time
Cause in the end together will find
A heart worth taking; time meant to be
A fate that's shared between you and me

© Sean Monaghan 12/26/2012


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