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Black is White

Updated on August 24, 2017
Jurica Babic profile image

Jurica is currently a student at the University of Zagreb, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. An amateur writer and a football fan.

Black is White

"Hello... Is anybody out there? Can somebody hear me? Is this a joke? A bad dream? Nightmare? Will I wake up? Will I ever wake up from this? Or will I stay trapped? Am I dead? What's happening? Please, can someone let me know?!?" A boy was standing on the edge of his sanity, his legs missing. Next to him, there was a bloody blade with blood spilled all around it. Lying in all the blood, there were his... legs. If someone saw this, they'd ask themselves how is it possible that he's standing? But he was in the middle of nowhere, around him was literally nothing. No plants, rocks, buildings, nothing. It wasn't a city, nor a forest, a plain, mountain top, beach shore. It was nothing. He was nowhere. And he was standing there, more like levitating and asking those questions. He wasn't crying, didn't seem in pain at all. Only when he looked at the blade, at the blood covering the place, he stared at it with grief, sadness in his big black eyes. The place was all white and seemed endless- with only splashes of blood around. It was like the universe- a white universe. But there were no planets, no people here. And it was so silent. Once he started thinking again "Why? Help... Anyone..." It got louder, like children's screams in the night. It was a dark place- a very dark place for him, even though only colors in there were white, red and just a pinch black- represented in his two dark black eyes.

He looked up; everything was the same, there were no barriers, no telling what's up and what's down- but he looked up. In that moment a bird- an eagle maybe, flew right through his chest and came out on the other side. It just went through him, he felt no pain. He didn't feel a thing. "Stop... Not you... What's this place?" Screams of a thousand kids filled the space again, then they all shut up. The bird looked to be gone, and the boy- his missing legs excluded- looked to be okay. His eyes though, they weren't as black anymore. Then the eagle returned and flew through him again. "Stop... please..." But he didn't try to defend himself. His eyes became grayish- certainly not black anymore. It seemed like the bird took nothing from him, but every time she flew through- and now she did it for the third time- his eyes were losing color. Black was the only color apart from white and red in that whole space, but now there was no black in there at all. It was gray, maybe not as raw and astonishingly simple or beautiful as black, but it was still a color. It still differed from white and red that were so overwhelmingly present here.

The bird was coming back, charging through him over and over again. He didn't think anymore. And it hurt him. His eyes were turning pale. But then, the bird didn't come back. She just left, his eyes pale but not all white, still not like boy's surroundings. But he couldn't think anymore. He looked in front of himself and stared. He looked bluntly ahead of himself, his eyes stuck on that bloody blade. At that moment, they got their black color back. Maybe not fully, but they were beautiful again. His eyes shining, bringing light to this dark place. He cried. But there were no tears... He cried his eyes out until the color was completely gone. Drops of black mixed with red next to that blade while the boy was left standing, with no legs, no colors, staring ahead, beyond his sanity.

Babic, Jurica

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© 2017 Jurica Babic


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