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Black shades

Updated on March 22, 2014

Black shades over the eyes
yesterdays fade away
sunshine still helps you to believe
Mondays lost dreams
there was so much to figure out.

Attracted to the lips that would speak
Tapped on the shoulders by angels wings
open up the door to the unknown
stretch the heart into new horizons
the secrets we behold.

Drums thump under wing tip shoes
You had to hold on to hope
it's time to wake up
stop being afraid
the road way is paved
search the streets of make believe
just wanted a friend that would believe.

Trapped in an illusion
hurt by all the sentiments
heaven knows what it's all about
some things you'd just never believe
the webs we weave in our sleep.

Everyone wants you to be afraid
don't you know it's all make beleive
lovers collide in the summer breeze
collapse the moment they face
the morning light.

Eyes kiss the day light
listen to the quietness
the mindful decisions
opposite worlds collide
disagreements catch us by no surprise.


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