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Blackest Night reading order guide

Updated on February 28, 2011

What is this?

It is a reading guide for the 7 current novels for blackest night the event done by DC comics for Green Lantern.

Currently just listed is 2 of 3 I am making for these 7 collected editions of the comic books. The final complete list will follow in a few weeks or so after my writings of these and will be its own hub.

What is so speical about this guide?

There have many many reading guides for this event floating around. Some say things like "read first half of this book then this other one then read all of these ones..... ect"

I tried reading using those once and I found it not that accurate for the order of the stories because even some parts of the books with side stories were out of order chronologically.

Then there are other guides that go issue by issues..... sure these are the most accerect timewise for order of events but jumping around that much was a pain....

so how can it be done?

easily.... it just took 3 months to think over the problem. Within this large epic of the event there were many storylines of events for different characters. Thus read large chucks of the books by storylines in order. This does cause jumping around quiet a bit but not as much going issue by issues but also lays things out in a better order even though causing some moments going back in time but that can be seen like a flash back within the story.

This was my solution to the problem.... but for those who still don't want to jump around that much and ask "is all of this really imporant to the main story?" well no so that is why I made more than one list. I made 3. One is for purely imporatant BN events (blackest night and gl storylines), the next Blackest Night and the world of Green Lantern (just adding in Green Lantern Corps and a few other odds and ends) and finally one includes everything in the 7 current Blackest Night hard covers. (When finished it will be its own hub due to its length).

Lists are found below starting with just the Pure Blackest Night events building up the a full list and order of the 7 current books. As for the question of how to put the books on your self I still advise ordering them by lantern symbol on the side.

Reading the Main Blackest Night and GLC related Lists.

Now what does "Main Blackest Night and GLC related stuff" mean?

Well the main core center of Blackest Night is the main book and miniseries of that name... but certain key events of it were left out and put in the main Green Lantern series tie in story. (Mostly key events near the end of the story). The reason of this being that Geoff Johns wrote the story and well if he puts key events of it in the two main things he is writing in it then sales of his books go up.

Also as for the events going in the other Green Lantern book (Green Lantern Corps written by Petter Tomasi) these are not needed for understanding what happened for the core events but since this is a greatly Green Lantern based story if you want a more understanding it is good to read some of the other Green Lantern Stories and this goes a bit beyond just GLC.

On one final note as a reminder I did move some issues around from other suggested reading lists to create less jumping form book to book. This only causes continuity errors with the growing power level of the Black Lantern rings, but I see that as very minor because my changes create more of a flow to the story with as I said less jumping from book to book then Chronological reading guides going issues by issue.


All Green Lantern Related Events and Core Blackest Night

Read all TotC stories except Nekron one- These give back story on random but important characters within BN I also advise reading the two GLC member stories last to keep them fresh in your mind.


Green Lantern #43- Prologue


Blackest Night #0- Also Prologue

Blackest Night #1


GL #44 and 45


BN #2 and 3


GL #46


Green Lantern Corps# 39-41


BN #4


Green Lantern Corps #42 and 43


GL #47 and 48


BN #5


Tales of the Black Lantern Corps: Birth of Nekron

(Found in TotC)


GL #49


BN #6


GL #50 and 52


Green Lantern Corps #44 and 45


Blackest Night #7


Green Lantern Corps #46


GL #52


BN #8


Green Lantern Corps #47- Epilogue

Book of Black (thoughts of William Hand found in TofC after Nekron story.... nice creepy way to end things)

Finally I know I said my way of organizing this was by story so you might we wondering why I broke up the two part "Red Badge of Rage" Story between to different groups of GLC. My reasoning is that of the 4 issues telling the story of ***Spoiler ALERT***  Guy Garnder turning into a Red Lantern ***Spoiler OVER*** there felt like there was some space in between the two parts of RBoR with the other BN events taking place. Also the story before RBoR part 1 felt better being with part 1 and the story after felt better being with RBoR part 2.

I mean no disrespect to the writer Peter J. Tomasi and how he grouped them but that is just how the story flowed in my eyes. Also if I did not split it up as I did the issues before and after would be on their own causing more jumping from book to book.

Blackest Night Core Events ONLY

Green Lantern #43- Prologue

Blackest Night #0- Also Prologue
Blackest Night #1

Green Lantern #44

Green Lantern #45

Blackest Night #2
Blackest Night #3

Green Lantern #46

Blackest Night #4

Green Lantern #47

Green Lantern #48

Blackest Night #5

Tales of the Black Lantern Corps: Birth of Nekron

(this Short story is from the Tales of the Corps Book and gives explanation more on who Nekron is and without trying to give spoiler gives foreshadow to a character important to end of BN and beganing of Brightest Day. Not fully needed but nice to include in this since like the other core parts it was written by Johns.)

Green Lantern #49

Blackest Night #6

Green Lantern #50
Green Lantern #51

Blackest Night #7

Green Lantern #52

Blackest Night #8

Over all Geoff Johns tried to make the story shift back and forth every issue but thankfully left some issues to happen right after another.


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    • MPG1 profile image

      MPG1 7 years ago from Eugene

      um yeah..... that stuff was a bit creepy.... but played well into the dark tone of the whole idea of the comic

    • trusouldj profile image

      trusouldj 7 years ago from Indiana

      Just read ties in with JLA and JSA ... Creepy stuff.

    • MPG1 profile image

      MPG1 7 years ago from Eugene

      Thanks I will try to have the full reading order list as soon as I can... and then I will work on another comic reading list.....

      hint... I will be "making mine Marvel"

    • sameerk profile image

      sameerk 7 years ago from India

      nice hub , loved it