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The Horus Heresy

Updated on April 6, 2012

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How long is too long?

Have you read any of the Horus Heresy novels? I have an issue with the series that I think needs to be exposed. Having read many multi novel series I can tell you that avid readers like myself enjoy multi novel series' very much for two particular reasons. First, it is nice to just be able to read a book without having to get to know a whole new list of characters and places. Second, as a gamer I like to get ideas for paper and pencil rpg's from a long series. The enjoyment my friends get out of playing these games in which they recognize some of the plot-line or enemies from a book they read is a reward all its own. Not to mention when I bring an actual character from the book into the game.

With the Horus Heresy's eighteenth novel just arriving I have to raise my arms toward the sky and ask Black Library, the publishers of anything Warhammer40k, why? Why Black Library? Haven't you watched the news? The economy is in the crapper, new authors are being turned away in droves because rich publishers dont want to lose any more of their hardly earned cash. Yet there you are baiting all your loyal fans into spending their hard earned cash on a series of mostly pointless and unimaginative novels. Don't get me wrong now. The first ten novels lit the way and convinced me there was something to get excited about but now that I see the truth I feel tricked, fooled and disenfranchised.

As more novels are released it becomes clear that the same exact tale is being told over and over again but from a different parties perspective. I, for one, have had quite enough of the rehashing and pointless nonsense. I crave the bigger stories that I know will be coming but not until Black Library and their roster of so-so authors squeezes every last penny out of us in the meantime. How many more boring tales about the droll, sleepy imperium am I going to have to push past before a tale of true significance is actually told? How much money do you need from us Black Library?

Wait, I have an idea. How about hiring some new authors to freshen up the idea pile, eh? You know, bring in a fresh perspective. Its not like you won't be able to publish 40k books until the end of time anyway right? Face it, fans of this genre are often unreasonably loyal. Just look at the exorbitant prices of the games workshop products these novels are all based on. I don't know who in this age is able to afford brand new gaming models from these guys but to those of you who are forking out that kind of dough I implore you to stop it!!!

Just like the 1% in the USA who are rich and causing the cost of living to skyrocket for the other 99% you are causing the rest of us to go without. Will you enjoy your game if no one else shows up to play? Probably not. There is a point in time when you must make a stand but only united can we make a difference. This is not just hyperbole this is truth. This is how this country pulled away from a cruel monarchy. This is the only way true, honest Americans are going to get their country back from the rich morons who think they own it because they are wealthy.

But I digress. That's an issue for another day. I'm talking to you Black Library. Just because Games Workshop is your big brother doesn't mean you have to be a ****head like him, does it? In your craving for wealth and power I sense you may have been touched by the foul warp. I fear you are corrupt. Do you deny these charges? Then prove yourself to those of us who have spent entirely too much money on a minimally rewarding product and improve.

Yes, improve is a nice word and one that money grubbers don't often wan't to hear. If the status quo is working why change? I'll tell you why. You are exposed. We know what you are doing. Just because an author has proven himself on works in the past does not mean you should just blindly publish their novels. Just because someone has yet to be published does not mean they cannot write an absolutely great story. You just have to stop being an elitest and spread the love. Open your minds to the possibilities because before long there will be others like me. They will flock to my banner and you will find yourself on the waist pile like all the other publishers who didn't want to expand their horizons and be a part of the world's solution rather than just feeding on it.


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    • Barnsey profile image

      Barnsey 5 years ago from Happy Hunting Grounds

      Thank you, Jean, Ken and JB! Turns out maybe the Black library heard the voice of dissent. Recent releases are being written by new authors but none of them are involved in the Horus Heresy series. One step in the right direction, Black Library!

    • profile image

      JB 5 years ago

      I have to agree but as a fan of the time period I am enjoying the novels. I would like it to wrap up though and proceed with the novels after the heresy.

    • profile image

      Ken C. 5 years ago

      I agree with you Barnsey. I am an avid reader and fan of the Black Library and The Horus Heresy, though as you note the stories are now starting to lose that spark that dragged me from the realms of elves and mythical beasts into the dark universe of the 31st millenium. I would be more willing to read a book from a new author in the Black Library ranks than purchasing another book from one of the old hats. Don't get me wrong, old hats are comfortable and familiar, but sometimes you need to try a new hat. You might find it fits even better and is more comfortable.

    • Jean Bakula profile image

      Jean Bakula 5 years ago from New Jersey

      Well said, Barnsey!

      Although I am not familiar with this series, I do like to read authors who have reoccuring characters and circumstances I already know. But lately I think some of my favorite authors are getting lazy, and just coasting on their past success. John Grisham's newest The Litigators, is the same old young lawyer working a 100 week, rich, but having no time or energy for a life, just like Mitch McDeere, the hero of The Firm, filled with mob lawyers, which put him on the map. I agree new authors need a chance if old, proven ones are going to recycle the same story over and over with a few variations.