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Updated on March 12, 2018

They looked at me, someone pointed, my developing years became disjointed
Sadly a small part of me died, a broken piece from the inside.

I awoke suddenly, confused I looked around, many people gathered but appeared to be profound.
They would ask, "what do you do?" "I boost Ego's for shallow people" (and from then on they knew).
I starred at them intensely, looked them up and down and with a smiling face said gently.

"See that bulb over there? It shines bright for some time but when it goes out, our eyes will align".
They made me feel a sense of shame, so weakened from my perception, It was I who took the blame.

"Could I not just for a moment think I was one of a kind? Instead of cursing outward and questioning my mind?"
"Don't destroy yourself", (a voice said from a distance) "I have a lot of work to do, I really need assistance".

"I wish someone would love me apart from you, I know its unconditional but is it really true?"
"You must carry on, you must persist, time to step up and not just exist".


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