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Blessed Is The Mother With Child - Part 1

Updated on June 3, 2016

Blessed is the mother with child

for the weeks your body goes through change,

as you endure the pains of my transformation.

for the weekly cycles we both endure,

to make a mother and child complete.

Week 1&2 - I am just a small glimmer in your eye, with the hope in your heart that a new child will appear.

Week 3 - My life will begin to start as your egg is fertilised with his seed,

Week 4 - Although too small to notice that I am developing inside, no changes to my mother cannot yet be seen.

Week 5 - As my heart, brain, spinal cord muscles and bones develop,

you may suspect that I am within you, although your monthly cycles have not yet been interrupted.

Week 6 - My eyes and limb buds are forming and a tiny heartbeat is noticeable on an ultra sound.

for this you may have gained an extra few pounds, and have suffered morning sickness.

Week 7 - My leg buds are now forming,

as you are now feeling the changes to your body.

Week 8 - With eyelid folds and ears appearing and where the tip of my nose is visible,

for this I give to you cramps and pain.

week 9 - My arms and legs are longer, and my head is more erect and my neck is more visible. I am now able to move my body more.

For this your waistline thickens where you develop cravings, which in time gives you mood swings, heartburn and indigestion which makes you feel weepy.

Week 10 - I am no longer an egg or an embryo but have now entered the cycle of foetus, and the physical change of growth has occurred. My eyes are covered in skin which eventually will split into eyelids.

For this I continue to make you moody and tired.

Week 11 - My fingers and my sexual organs are now beginning to show,

as I give to you a change in the condition of your hair, skin, finger and toe nails.

Week 12 - I begin to show tooth buds and toe nails, now the goal is to grow big and strong.

As I offer you nausea, headaches, dizziness and fatigue.


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