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Blessed Is The Mother With Child Part 3

Updated on June 5, 2016

Blessed is the mother with child

for taking me through the past weeks

and preparing me for the coming weeks

Week 25 My skin is still like a puppy dog with wrinkles and creases.

I give to you constipation with possible hemorrhoids, and the discomfort to sit down

Week 26 My hearing is fully developed. I hear your music and my pulse increases. I sleep when you sleep, and you wake when I wake.

I give to you rib pains like a stitch pain as your muscles stretch.

Week 27 I can now get a thumb in my mouth to comfort me, and I cry when you cry.

I give to you stretch marks and a large amount of weight gain.

Week 28 My brain waves show rapid eye movement, so therefore I dream. branches of my lungs are now developing.

For that I give to you leg cramps, swelling of ankles and feet difficulty sleeping and a shortness of breath.

Week 29 I now develop a skill to learn how to acrobat, as there is less room for me within your tummy for me to move

With this I give to you relief, excitement or anxiousness about motherhood.

Week 30 My eyebrows and eyelashes are fully developed, and the hair that I have is now getting thicker. Hands are fully formed and my fingernails are growing.

For this I push on your ribs and give you discomfort to your pelvis and abdomen.

Week 31 I can now hear distinctive sounds like voices and music, and can recognise who my mother is.

For this I give to you a feeling of increasing excitement and anxiousness about my birth.

Week 32 A layer of fat is forming underneath the thin wrinkly skin as I practice opening my eyes, and practice my breathing.

For this you continue to get more backache and leg cramps.

Week 33 I move less now as I have run out of room, so i curl up with my knees bent, my chin resting on my chest with my arms and legs crossed.

For this I give to you an extra pound of weight for the weeks gone by of which half of it is mine that you have allowed me to gain as you have carted for my growth.

Week 34 As I settle down into the head down position, my organs are now fully mature.

As I give to you lower rib and ribcage pain, and an ache where your pelvis has expanded.

Week 35 My lungs are now fully developed, but I do not have enough fat deposits to keep me warm in the outside world.

For this you may become more uncomfortable, experience a lack of sleep and become very anxious.

Week 36 As I drop lower in your tummy, my brain has been developing rapidly. So now I practice my blinking

For this you are alternating between fatigue and extra bursts of energy with increasing backache and heaviness.

Week 37 I am getting rounder by the day and my skin is getting pinker as I lose my puppy dog wrinkly appearance.

For you I give you a blessing that your weight gain should be as high as it should go.

Week 38 My growth has slowed down as my fat cells get plumper, ready for my new life outside my mothers womb.

For this I offer you a few more weeks of being uncomfortable and cranky.

Week 39 With everything grown and strong, my head has now dropped into your pelvis awaiting the big day. Now you are able to breath more easy

For this your sense of gravity has moved, and you may become more clumsier than usual.

Week 40 I can now blink, close my eyes and turn my head. I can grasp firmly and respond to sounds, light and touch. I am ready to come into a world that is so unlike the one I have been used to.

For this you find it is harder for you to get a good nights sleep, because you cannot find a comfortable position.

I give to you in 40 weeks a body you once knew change to something that sets every emotion in your body quivering, to allow me to develop in a safe environment.

On the day I am ready to face this world, I give to you tremendous pain as you prepare me for my journey. After all of this You give to me life.

Blessed Is The Mother With Child


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