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"Blind Love" Suffering Made Him Want To Rip His Brain Out Of His Head And Throw It Against A Wall

Updated on July 19, 2015
Missing Link profile image

Missing Link is originally from rural Ohio. He currently lives in Hillsboro, OR. with his Wife and two Sons.

This hub is in regards to romantic relationships. The emotional component of love can make us blind to the negative traits in our beloved. This is especially true when we are young and inexperienced; when loves seems so true and powerful. This blindness can cause us to suffer a great deal as the relationship continues. This phenomenon has been touched upon numerous times in literature and in music.

Other people may see the negative traits in our beloved but we cannot or, we explain it away or overlook it. When the relationship fails, the pain can stay with us for a long time...perhaps for life. Many people stay in a bad relationship and likewise suffer. It is an example of "being damned if you do and damned if you do not."

Here is a poem I wrote many years ago regarding the phenomenon:

I want to see

what I wanted to see.

Want it to be

what I want it to be.

It did not work.

Gotta let it go.

Gotta let it be.

She had a plan of killing you.

You didn't know what she wanted to do.

I was so blind.

I hurt so much

with no end in sight.

I wish I could let it go.

I wish I could let it be.

I want the part of my brain

where this pain resides

to be cut out.


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    • Missing Link profile image

      Missing Link 2 years ago from Oregon

      Thanks Larry--I appreciate you stopping by and commenting!

    • Larry Rankin profile image

      Larry Rankin 2 years ago from Oklahoma

      Intense poem.