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Blind Women (Poem)

Updated on May 31, 2014

Blind Women

Love within my heart
damn, where can I now start?
All the ladies are corrupt now
I might as well forget the art
of attraction
since all women
are missin in action
pretty much followin their mind
most girls are blind.
Why can't they follow their heart?
Most of em
always feeling somethin dark
and they don't know why
they sit and deny
thinkin all these weird-wrong thoughts
damnnn they wonder why they're blind.
Blinded by television
also known as
lies toldd to your vision.
Can you's now see this?
A man
who brings words of the truest?
words since the wise Lao Tzu
I'm the reeealest.
Can you's now begin?
And stand with me?
Forget all your blind
I want to see
the ladies freed,
but it seems
they're more interested in playing
I guess some will never see
a true soul who brought
to make you's see beyond the knot.

© 2014 PoeticPhilosophy


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    • AmyTaylor profile image

      AmyTaylor 3 years ago

      Its sad how life has changed....Men against Women....Women against Men...and no love in between. Everyone plays games....Love this one....