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Blind Faith

Updated on June 30, 2012
HLKeeley profile image

HL Keeley has received a Bachelors degree in middle grade education. She is currently teaching high school.


The sun was rising above the town houses that lined Azarias Lane. I sat on one of the benches by the barbershop waiting. When I first got here I saw a groggy teenage girl walking her dog. She looked still asleep for six am. The dog began to bark at me, but I simply gave it a look silencing it. The girl looked at me gaping before walking away. I knew she would not think much of it.

It was now 6:30 and the sun's golden rays were beginning to paint the sky blue. Birds began their morning songs just a few hours ago as adults were beginning to wake up for work.

It shouldn't be too long now. I took a sip of my coffee that I bought from the local bakery along with a croissant. I could taste neither, but I knew this would seem fairly normal. The unopened newspaper sat next to me. Glancing at it I scoffed. The headline read: Woman Saved by Deer in Local Wood. Catherine most likely, I thought to myself taking a sip.

Miracles of God were everywhere, but no one would acknowledge them. That girl probably dismissed me right as she closed her gaping mouth. I sighed and patiently continued to wait. I opened the paper reading about a missing orphan. There was a picture of a smiling red headed girl clutching a one eyed teddy bear. She is one of Jerome's charges, I noted before turning the page. It was then I heard the pit pats of a dog walking on the other side of the road.

Lowering the newspaper, I finally saw my charge, Ethan Mayer. His dog, Mosaed, leading him down the street. I smiled as the dog's name was whispered in my ear. How fitting. I folded the paper leaving in on the bench. Grabbing my coffee and croissant, I walked to the stop light. The green man lit up allowing me safe passage across the asphalt.

As I got across the road, the dog just avoided me continuing Ethan's walk. I let my aura loose for a second before containing it. "Stop, Mosy," Ethan commanded. He turned his head trying to feel the aura again. His eyes darting around behind his sunglasses trying to desperately see what it cannot. "Is someone there?" Ethan finally asked.

"Yes, I did not mean to startle you, Brother," I said touching the middle age man's arm. He has grown so old since I last saw him.


A small boy with bright blonde hair almost white sat on the doctor's table. His eyes were the brightest blue I have ever seen. He was clutching a handkerchief his father gave him for his birthday. In the corner chair sat a plump lady all in pink with her blonde hair pulled up in the style of a beehive. I walked in with a white doctor's robe and a stethoscope hanging around my neck. "Mrs. Mayer," I presumed. The woman stood up saying, "Yes, Doctor, uh?" She stuttered over my name. "Dr. Ananias," I said holding my hand out. "Of course," she said with a huge smile. "This must be Ethan. Hello Brother," I said holding my hand out. The boy looked passed me and declared, "You are not my brother." I laughed at the boldness, "In a way we are." The mother shot me a glare. Religion is sensitive with Mrs. Mayer after her husband died, the whisper said. I nodded with understanding.

"Well, Ethan. How are you doing?" I asked pulling the chair by the table. He still stared at the same spot saying, "Better. I am getting used to the darkness." The mother hissed looking down at the floor. "Ethan, is it always dark? You do not see a little sometimes?" I asked with hope. The boy shook his head. It would be easy to heal him, but something told me that for Ethan that would not be best. "Ethan, what would you do to see again?" I asked hoping my instincts for the first time were wrong.

The boy's face twisted with the question seriously debating it, "I...I am fine here in the dark." The mother's face was surprised. She was obviously hurting from her son's blindness. "Doctor, what are you asking?" I looked at the boy before turning to the mother, "There is a new operation in the works that allows sight to be restored. It is not long and only a little painful," I said modernizing what I do. "Are there any risks?" she asked hopeful. "There are always risks, Madam. It is up to Ethan though," I said looking at the boy.

"I don't want surgery. I am fine. I am alive and healthy. I will learn," he said firmly."Doctor, he doesn't understand what he is saying," Mrs. Mayer said clutching her son's shoulders.

I gave the woman a sad look saying, "Yes, he does." With that I walked out passing Doctor Zingel, I clapped his back sending a little aura into him to help pass along to his wife struggling with cancer.


"Brother?" Ethan asked. "I am not your brother." I laughed, "You told me the same thing twenty five years ago." Ethan's face twisted in confusion, "Dr. Ananias? I thought I made you up. When Dr. Zingel came to look at me, my mother asked to talk to him outside. When they came back, I asked about you. They both pretended not to understand."

"Happens a lot when people meet me," I sighed remembering the risks I take to see my charges. Ethan held tighter to Mosaed's leash, "Who are you really, Dr. Ananinas?"

I touched his forehead letting more of my aura into his head. His bright blue eyes flashed emerald green and then back to blue. "I...I just saw you," Ethan said holding his hands to his eyes. "Yes, Brother. My name is Raphael. I am one of the seven angels who stands before the Lord. You have been chosen for my assistance," I pronounced. Ethan's face did not give away his thoughts, but his aura did. I knew he would believe me even without my 'trick.' He was a firm believer in Father.

"Why...why me?" he asked finally. "I do not know and I would not plague you with my guesses, but you are chosen," I said shrugging. Mosaed was looking at me and then at Ethan. He sensed Ethan's duress standing closer to Ethan's leg.

"Do I have to see?" Ethan asked. I shook my head saying, "No. It is your choice just like it was when you were ten."

"After the accident, I did not want to see again. I knew my father was gone, but seeing it would have made it real. Later I realized that it was not just seeing my father that made it real, but the absence from dinner, his voice, his smell, his touch. I missed all of it. I finally accepted his death and accepted my condition. I have been blind for twenty-five years, Raphael. This is who I am. There are people dying that need you more than me," Ethan said.

"Who said they need me or their death is not important?" I asked. Ethan stuttered, but could not answer. "You know better than to question Father's decisions," I added. "But you said He sent you here," Ethan said.

"When did I say that Brother?" I asked thinking back on our conversation. "My charges are given to me by myself. I get a feeling and find them. I found you, but God gave you the power. He gave you free will, so you decide to accept my help or not," I said.

"I respectfully decline," Ethan said. Mosaed stood up sensing his master ready to leave. "It was nice to see you again, Ethan," I said taking his hand keeping my aura close, no matter how much I wanted to cure this man. "I would say the same, Raphael. Until we meet again," Ethan said with a shake.

I watched them walk down the street disappearing around the corner. I smiled at Ethan. He definitely has grown in Father's word.

The time was around 7:15 am. I had to move on to my next charge. I started down the street whistling a Christmas tune right before a little head popped out from the trash. The curly red hair was in her freckled face. "I know that song!" the girl cried. Realizing she just exposed herself, she quickly hid in the trash.

I smiled walking over to her. "I see you," I laughed. "Unless this is spaghetti," I said touching her hair. I heard a giggle. "It must be angel hair." She popped out, "I am no angel." My face looked at her doubtfully, "You look like an angel to me."

"No, Mister, but Mister God sent me an angel at the orphanage," her eyes sparkled at the memory. "Did he now?" I asked recognizing the girl from the paper. "Yes, Sir, he did! He was made of stone, but he protected me!"

"Olivia, why are you in the dumpster?" I asked. Her mouth formed a capital O. "How do you know my name?" I pointed to the newspaper behind her, "You're in the paper. They are looking for you." I sensed her panic. "Hey, don't worry. I won't tell," I said releasing some of my aura.

She saw it and looked at me with a huge smile. "YOU ARE AN ANGEL!" she shouted. I laughed shushing her. I picked her up out of the trash and handed her the croissant. She ate it quickly. I handed her the coffee. She put it to her nose then scrunched it. "This is for old people," she said handing it back. "I am sorry. I don't drink or eat. I didn't know what to get you," I said. "Can you buy me an apple juice?" she asked her eyes big. I recognized the eye color as the same emerald as my aura.

I smiled and took her hand, "Of course." With my second charge of the day, we walked into the nearby convenient store buying an apple juice.

Archangel Raphael
Archangel Raphael | Source

Inspiration: A Look into the Writing Process

I knew for this story I wanted a man as the person in need. I also knew I wanted the "person in need" to refuse help. I also wanted a lot of hints from the other stories I have written so far along with bringing back a character (my first person, Olivia).

This story ended up longer because I wanted to show the archangel's involvement with this man's life. He got a second chance and still refused one of the highest ranking angels.

Ethan Mayer: Ethan means "firmness, long-lived." Ethan lives after a tragic accident and learns to live in a dark world. "Mayer" means "Enlightened." This definitely describes the character.

Dr. Zingel: "Zingel" means "defensive wall." His wife has cancer. He builds a wall to protect his heart from her death and to keep going. This character shows what Raphael does.

Raphael: He is one of the seven highest ranking angels. He is the patron saint of healing, known for healing Tobit's blindness. There will be a link below to read more about the archangel. I suggest you do because then things in the story will make more sense with the angel.


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    • CrazedNovelist profile image

      A.E. Williams 

      6 years ago from Hampton, GA

      That was really good writing Keeley. Good job. Definitely well structured and executed.

    • HLKeeley profile imageAUTHOR

      HL Keeley 

      6 years ago from Charlotte, NC

      Thank you very much! I finally found my knack for creative writing with these stories. :)

    • TripleAMom profile image


      6 years ago from Florida

      Hello, this is a great story. I enjoyed reading it. You are very creative. Voting up and following to read more :)


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