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Blogging for Money While Writing About Your Passion

Updated on January 20, 2014

Blogging for fun and followers

Since the 1990s blogs have appeared on the internet. These journals of personal experiences and opinions have evolved into the go-to webpages for inquiring minds. Women have established niches in the blogging world writing about subjects ranging from parenting, business and marketing to automobile repairs.

Not only do women host their own webpages with thousands of loyal followers, they lend their expertise to other blog pages and make big money doing this job they love. You can turn your interests and knowledge into a money making career by following the footsteps of those who have found blogging success.

Informative, factual blogs sell

Write, write, write

Chose the subject you will blog about and immerse yourself in learning all you can. Then write to inform your readers. When you have passion for a topic, readers feel the excitement in your words. They will continue to come back for more.

When you continually come up with interesting topics and your following grows, you have made it halfway.

Next, invite your readers to interact with you through comments on your webpage. Comments will open the way to topics you may not have thought to explore. You will also gain insight into subjects readers found helpful and shared with others.

Getting the word out about your blogs leads to platforms that can launch your career to new heights.

Use social networks to your advantage

Your social network will put your name on the web. Using your Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin account to promote your blog equals free advertising. Comment on friend’s pages and tweet back to your followers.

You can mention other blogs on your pages and always promote your blog page. When you read blogs, make comments on the subject so your name will show there, too.

Your name will appear in search results and lead to invitations for you to write for money. The more your name appears, the more marketable you become.

Guest blogging

Never underestimate the importance of the guest blogger. Many bloggers pay for guest articles relating to the site’s subject matter.

Guest blogging on a highly rated website puts your name in front of readers who will often go to your page. The articles also increase your exposure to businesses you may approach for a regular writing job.

The tools you need for success

Before approaching anyone about hiring you, put together a portfolio to enhance that first impression. Always show respect and professionalism in all your interactions. Consider having a professional photographer take headshots you will need for advertising.

Have business cards made with your headshot on them. Hand these to anyone involved in the industry for which you blog. Shameless self-promotion never hurts when beginning a new business venture.

Approach potential clients prepared to prove how valuable your blog will be to their company. Gather statistics that prove blog posts improve sales for the businesses that utilize them. Bring statistics regarding:

  • The rise in email as the first contact for businesses using blog
  • The return on investment through increased sales related to blog posts
  • The increase in internet traffic to websites because of blogs and links
  • A portfolio highlighting the knowledge you have of the business

The job of blogger often leads you into business administrative duties and accounting activities. Taking classes in both can only increase your value to clients. Knowledge always takes you down new paths to new opportunities. As a writer, you know you cannot resist showing off your skills to anyone interested.

Never stop blogging

Making money writing a blog can earn big money when you sell your skills. Sell your skills while selling a product or service you know everything about. The internet can make your dreams come true.


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