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Blood Fix Part 4

Updated on June 12, 2012

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Blood Fix Part 3

He crossed the room quickly to where Angela lay at the feet of Chloe. Chloe stepped back her motions fluid like, and they reminded him of watching mercury flow on a tabletop. Angela was pale her eyes, dilated and void, staring past him. He glanced at her chest hoping to see the slight motions of her breath raising and lowering it, like he had watched so many times while he lay next to her after she had fallen asleep. Oh how he loved her. Her chest lay still and he noticed how cold her skin felt. He reached up to check her pulse on the side of her neck when he felt the cold blood that had gathered there.

He glanced up at Chloe and tried to speak but no words came to him then. She shrugged uncaring and uttered, “I was hungry.”

Far outside the city limits, past the pastures, even past the edge of the forest, he climbed down the rock face that led to his cave. It was closer to climb down from above then it was to climb up from below. Climbing down was more difficult and there was a part of him that wished he would fall. So much would be ended if he tumbled down upon the rocks below. He was glad no one was around to see his nakedness, and he wondered why he still cared about that, why he cared about anything. Rock climbing with bare feet was next to impossible, but he managed it somehow. He feared it was the thing inside him that wouldn’t let him die. Although he deserved to die, he couldn’t. Not easily anyway.

He wondered if the fall would kill him or just cause him pain. He hated pain, he delt with it every night, he wanted free of the rending and tearing of his skin. The white hot burning of bones breaking, growing, healing, and breaking yet again as they reformed. He prayed for it to end but God never answered, never destroyed him. Why had he let this pelage upon him?

He reached the cavern entrance and crawled in, hands, feet and knees bloody from the sharp rocks he had crawled over. The smell hit him almost instantly, the smell of blood and death. There were two deer carcasses and no, he had hoped that the vision was a dream but here laying bloodies and mutilated was the remains of a young woman. He remembered flashes of her and a man they had been hiking together and set up camp when he came across them. He fed, they died. The man tried to defend them, but he wasn’t here, had he gotten away?

Blood Fix Part 5


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    • Cosmic Bus profile image

      Cosmic Bus 5 years ago from Maryland

      Good writing. Voted up!