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Blood Lust- Pt 3

Updated on January 18, 2013

Blood Lust- Pt 3

By Tony DeLorger © 2011

While the sun graced the skies, Tara slept a dreamless sleep, deep in the death of daylight. On waking at dusk, her first thoughts were of Audren, knowing his intuition was infallible and his retribution for sin without limit. She felt disloyal keeping secrets from her maker, but she knew this secret could be the end of her.

She showered and dressed, this time in a more alluring outfit, one perhaps less elegant but more provocative. A tight leather miniskirt, knee-high suede boots and a satin black top with frills that framed her ample cleavage, completed her. She drew her blonde hair back tightly with peal combs and placed a small hat with black fascinator on her head at a slight angle. Her makeup was dark and mysterious, her eyes lost in charcoal greys with a touch of glitter over her lids. After visually approving of her look, she grabbed her mesh purse and headed for the lift.

The street was alive with activity, the night young. Tara haled a cab and low and behold it was that blood bag, now even more appealing. His eyes lit up, realising it was her and the way she looked gave him cause to see payment in another light.

‘Where to; it’s nice to see you again?’ he said in a rather slippery voice.

She looked in the rear vision mirror and shuddered, his obvious intent bilious. ‘Valco’s,’ she snapped looking out the window.

‘Of course,’ he replied, eager to please.

Ten minutes later he pulled outside Valco’s Nightclub. ‘That’ll be $12.60, but $10 for you.’

She leaned forward and handed him one hundred. He turned and grabbed the bill, but she didn’t let go. ‘This is yours if you come back at midnight; then you can get your reward,’ she said with a knowing smile.

‘I’ll be here, don’t you worry about that. Right on twelve; you can rely on it.’

She released the bill and stepped out of the cab. A long queue stretched from the front door of the club right down the block and Tara walked right up to the door man and he immediately let her through with a respectful nod.

The corridor was softly lit, the sound of thudding music pumping through the walls. At the end of the corridor she turned left and alighted into a quieter bar area. It was crowded with well-dressed patrons in deep intimate conversations; couples in corners entwined in one another, their lips and tongues searching the depths of sensuality in the dim privacy.

Tara scanned the room and finally, at the end of the bar a man sat alone sipping a drink, a man who she knew, was waiting to see. He looked up and saw her immediately, rising to his feet. She smiled broadly and made her way toward him.

They embraced, kissing deeply and passionately and then withdrew into a small corner cubical. The semicircular booth was padded with studded red velure with a small round mahogany table at its centre. A low tiffany styled hung light cast a soft red glow above them.

‘You’re late. Thought you weren’t coming,’ he said.

‘Of course not, it’s just sometimes my work keeps me longer than expected, that’s all.’

She leant forward and with her hand on the side of his face she kissed him again, this time softly and tenderly. ‘I’ve missed you,’ she whispered, fondling his dark curly hair.

‘I miss you too. Can I ask you a question?’

‘Of course,’ she replied, pulling back and looking into his eyes.

‘Why can’t we go to your place, I don’t understand what the problem is?’

Tara looked down before answering. ‘Look, I have a past that sometimes can... well, come back to bite me,’ she explained.

‘What an old boyfriend, someone’s hassling you, what?’

‘No, nothing like that: it’s just that my life is complicated right now, and I don’t want to get you involved, that’s all. Jeremy, I do love you; isn’t that enough?’

He smiled. ‘Yes, of course it is,’ he replied.

They talked for some hours in a deep intimate way, each discovering new levels of adoration and trying to hold at bay the rising sexual tension between them. Tara looked deeply into his gentle brown eyes.

‘Can you be patient? I’ve really got to take care of something. Can I meet you at your place in say, one hour?’

He smiled. ‘Always something to take care of,’ he said. ‘Yeah sure, one hour.’

Tara kissed him and left the club. Outside the cues had shortened and just a few people milled around. She scanned the street and quickly found her cabbie who was hanging out the window waving like some retard.

She quickly got in the cab. ‘South side please,’ she asked, in a businesslike voice.

‘You got it.’

Ten minutes later they were down by the wharfs, the car slowed down to a hesitant creeping. ‘Where the hell do you want to go down here?’ he asked.

‘Here for your reward,’ she replied, enticingly.

The cabbie was beside himself; into the darkness he rode, oblivious.

Tara got out of the can and went around to the driver’s side. The cabbie looked up expectantly. She grabbed him around the neck and dragged his body out through the window. He stood there looking at her with big brown eyes, in shock, confused.

Parting the clothes around his neck she sunk her teeth deep into him, his artery bursting with blood and she sucking the life out of him with an unquenchable thirst. He made not a sound, his body convulsing slightly under the force of her assault. His eyes looked vacantly past her into the shadows, in shock, unsure about what was happening. His soul was being consumed and life faded without a whimper.

When Tara was done, she placed him back in the driver’s seat. Finding a bottle of bourbon in the glove compartment, she splattered it around the interior and some on the bonnet and hood of the car. The flick of a cigarette and the empty blood bag was roasting on the wharf.

Pleased with herself, Tara disappeared into the shadows and went to find another cab to drive her to Jeremy’s’. She had four hours til dawn.

Part 4, final installment now posted.


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    • Tony DeLorger profile imageAUTHOR

      Tony DeLorger 

      7 years ago from Adelaide, South Australia

      Thanks Mike. It was more a play thing, not meant to progress further than the first episode. I've now written six and give up. One could just continue infinitely but to what purpose? There's is no serious intention of a book- not my cup of tea and anyway it's difficult not to fall into the expected in this genre. I usually seek meaning far more than the obvious and vampires, although fascinating, don't inspire my writing too much. But please read them all and I hope you enjoy them in the context in which they were written. Have a good day Mike.

    • profile image

      Aka Professor M 

      7 years ago

      It has become interesting in an expected vein as vampiric tales share that common thread. I will admit the plot is entertaining but again I'm reminded of Underground to some extent, Tony !

      All in all it has promise and is well worth the read for sure! As a gothic writer myself I will be more curious as to the character interactions in future episodes, Sir!

      Voted up and push the buttons that apply!

      Regards Mike( Aka Professor M!) ;D

    • Tony DeLorger profile imageAUTHOR

      Tony DeLorger 

      7 years ago from Adelaide, South Australia

      Thanks for reading QudsiaP1. read on...

    • QudsiaP1 profile image


      7 years ago

      So she does have a fling on the side eh?

      Though honestly, targeting low lives and simple people doesn't make her much of a risk taker does it?

      I kind of wish she would do something more enthralling in the next part. Moving on to part 4...


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