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Blood Royale

Updated on April 29, 2015

I am very pleased to let everyone know that my first book "Blood Royale" has now been released as a second edition in both paperback and Kindle edition. For those of you familiar with the Kahana family, you wil know that it has a very ancient lineage that brought it into contact with many of the ruling families across the known world. What most of you don't know is that one of those episodes actually saw a migration of the family into Southern France way back in the 8th Century. As diffiucult at this might be for some to believe, the events in the book are all supported by historically documented facts and one merely has to connect the dots to see exactly what was happening and whom was involved. Even today, the world acknowledges that there were some peculiarities occuring in southern France that defy explanation. That's why we have such novels and books as the Da Vinci Code and Holy Blood Holy Grail. They are merely attempts to make sense of these strange events that really aren't that hard to explain once the research into the Almyeri, a very mystical family rooted in Middle Eastern Traditions is performed. The facts are clear, even the Hebrew names of many of the family members are recorded in Church documents and Frankish legal papers. It certainly wasn't one of the proudest achievements by the Kahana, but it does go to prove that history is written by the victors, and in this case that so happened to be the Catholic Church.

In Brief

Blood Royale provides a chronological novelization of the true and verifiable story behind events in the Kingdom of the Franks that was purposely concealed for well over a millennium. Those that committed murder and intrigue in the name of being righteous men, supposedly professing the love and guidance of God, left behind a convoluted and sordid trail of despicable and horrible crimes. This is the tragic tale of the Catholic Church's desperate attempts by successive pontiffs to harness the descendants of a particular bloodline, which they considered necessary for the fueling of their own despotic ambitions to control the throne of the Frankish Kingdom. Blood Royale exposes the loss of innocence by this one family as they were delivered into the hands of absolute evil. In an insane world, corrupted by superstition and fanaticism, it is easy to see how the sinner becomes saint and religious indulgence is synonymous with being a heretic. To date, many authors have touched bupon the inexplicable occurrences and religious differences found in southern France but they have become mired in myth and fable of long lost descendants of Jesus and the likes, while ignoring the simple truth that there was a Jewish King living amongst the people, but it certainly wasn't whom they expected. Blood Royale is proof of the old addage that truth is often stranger than fiction.

Available from Amazon and Kindle

To all my readers and followers, I hope that you will consider adding this book to your collection of Jewish historia. Not only will you come to appreciate our history a little better and understand why Europe has always had a historical basis for its perverse anti-Semitism but at the same time you will have more knowledge concerning the rift that developed between Rabbincal Judaism and Karaism. This was one of the major events that set us apart from our Rabbinical counterparts and I doubt very much if they are even aware of the events concerning that separation. It will also help explain to those of my extended family, (Kahana, Kahaner, Kahn, Katz, Katzel and Goldenthal) why we have always seen ourselvesl as being apart from our respecitve communities or as some would accuse us, of being a law unto ourselves. As always, I look forward to your comments and discussions that I know will follow after you've had the opportunity to read the story for yourself.

Shalom Aleichim

Avrom Aryeh-Zuk Kahana


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