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Blood of Gansbaai

Updated on February 28, 2018
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Take a journey into Africa. A true page turner that will take you into the heart of the black continent.

Blood of Gansbaai by FJ Sturman

Deep in the Heart of Africa

This novel takes the reader into the deepest parts of Africa. You will feel you are on safari and an African adventure. The story begins in Angola as Jessica Sinclair, a Red Cross aid worker is confronted with a dangerous and ruthless warlord as he and his troops attack a small village.

The story has all the elements of a fast moving action drama, taking the reader on a fast moving journey that is full of twists-and-turns, page-after-page.

Civil war has begun in Angola and people are being attacked and killed in the wake, but the universe has other plans for the people and Jessica as war brings disease, drought and hunger to the land.

As with life, we can truly never be certain what the world holds for us and Jessica doesn't know either. But, she continues to hold true to her convictions and faith as she falls into a troubled time in her life. The universe reveals that she is the secret of Gansbaai, the small costal town near Cape Town, South Africa.

A Mamzibi legend foretells of a great healing of the land and its people when the Cape Lions returns from extinction and walks the African lands once again.

God has not abandoned Africa just yet.

Once agai, life. Ones out of Africa.

Blood of Gansbaai by FJ Sturman

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